20 Brain Explosion Photos About Geology You Never Know

The fantasy of nature knows no boundaries: it combines the incongruous and impossible, and even such material as stones and minerals is like plasticine in the hands of child. And we just have to opening our mouths in surprise, admire the facets of nature – shades of opal, overflows of labradorite and the exact pattern of chrysanthemum stone.

1. A stone called “labradorite” (first discovered in the province of Labrador) resembles the head of a Labrador

2. A bouquet of flowers? No, this is an amethyst cluster from Uruguay

3. This fluffy pom pom is actually a mineral called mesolite

4. A crystal ‘flower’ of calcite, aragonite, or chalcedony, the stone is primarly mined in China and Japan.

5. Meteorite plate: nickel interspersed with olivine crystals

My new Labradorite Palm Stone with no filter

7. This chalcedony from Indonesia looks like grapes

8. Black amethyst stalactite

9. Two-color tourmaline from Brazil

10. Pyrite forms crystals in the form of cubes

11. Hemimorphite from Mexico

12. Overflows of Rainbow Obsidian

13. Rhodochrosite looks like a grapefruit. But you can’t eat

14. Rainbow facets of quartz crystals

15. This agate slice is polished to showcase its natural rainbow beauty!

16. Natural Unique Kunzite Crystal from Afghanistan

17. Incredible Opal Quartz

18. Opal inside rhyolite looks like a whole universe

Bonus: the scorpion’s body is completely replaced by copper

The remains of fossil creatures are usually replaced by minerals, but this scorpion found its way into the area of ​​a copper deposit, and its chitinous shell turned into pure metal.

Photo by edgwardoe / Reddit

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