20+ Examples of cool Street Art That Sink Into the Soul at a Glance

The main urban color is gray, and for any city dweller with a fine mental organization, this causes an internal protest – I want bright colors and a riot of color. Artists do not stand aside and, although this is not always encouraged, they strive to fill the surrounding space with new meaning. Thanks to them for that.


We made a Google trip around the world to find the best examples of street art and show you these treasures. And at the end of the article – a bonus for those who grew up in the 90s.

1. Kiss-Kiss Group

2. Angler

3. “Support for the people”: mural about the power of non-violence. And no, this is not stucco

4. “I lost my shoe when I saw you”


5. Destroying obstacles

6. The candle is real; passersby light it from time to time


7. Sand Bull

8. Sculpture from the trash

9. Between the walls

20+ Examples of cool Street Art That Sink Into the Soul at a Glance


10. This city does not have enough greenery

11. Lady, the Tramp and the wire


12. Captcha

13. Walk

14. Shark

15. Graffiti from old boards

16. The airship

17. Illusion

18. Vertinsky

19. Warm gone

20. The result of the festival of street graffiti in Odintsovo

21. Luke-cookie

22. Live moss graffiti (you can do this yourself!)


“You are offline.


– do not panic

– look around

“Interact with reality.”

24. Snake

Bonus: railway station in Hungary. Only those who played Minesweeper will understand

Do you consider graffiti vandalism or art?

Photo by SKURK / Instagram , Øistein Jakobsen / Facebook

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