20 Girls Who Changed Only One Detail And Everyone Just Open Their Mouths

Sometimes it happens that you look at a person and think: how cool she looks! And she just got bored of looking at the familiar image in the mirror, and she decided on a creative experiment. Cutting your bangs means changing your life a little. Although the method is a little risky, the result can be impressive.


We looked at the photos from this collection, just opening our mouths – some people have changed so unpredictably.

They say bangs are young. It is important not to overdo it.

“I decided to dye my hair orange to black and got the courage to cut my bangs.”

“Finally I made it!”


When you grow your hair for 7 years, and then you do a cool haircut with bangs. And it’s not a pity at all!

“My husband and I are a great team. He cut his hair, and I trimmed it with thinning scissors “

“I followed the advice and I liked it!”


“Before and after. The bangs suit me! “

“New hair – new me! The stylist recommended this, and it looks incredible! “

20 Girls Who Changed Only One Detail And Everyone Just Open Their Mouths
Doofenshmirtz-inator / Reddit

“Do you think my bangs suit me?”

20 Girls Who Changed Only One Detail And Everyone Just Open Their Mouths
Mermaid / Reddit

A little bright spot in the sh*tstorm of a hospice nurse these days

Hmm, even the look became more confident


“I finally got my hair cut! I needed a change, and now I feel great! “

“Finally made a bang after months of thinking!”

  • Very cute! The question is: why did you wait so long to make up your mind?  JEKIII7- / Reddit

“I have cut a few centimeters to grow healthy hair. Wish me good luck!”


“Piping hot! Thank you all for your support!”

“I finally got my bangs done after years. I needed a change. Now is 2021 and I will gain confidence in myself! “

I stepped out of my comfort zone and got me a fringe! Think these frame my face alot better than my usual side bangs!

“This morning I cut my own hair and styled my hair cool.”

“Finally I made up my mind and cut my hair. I’m happy with the result “

Made a bang – got a new look

How have you experimented with hair over the past six months?

Preview photo by FridaKahlowRider / Reddit JEKIII7- / Reddit

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