20+ Quality Things Whose Service Life Has Crossed All Imaginable Time

According to numerous surveys conducted in 2018, there are many problems with any modern household appliances in the first 5 years. But some devices from the last century perfectly serve their owners to this day. The heroes of our article are among these lucky ones. They were lucky to get things that delight them with their quality for several decades.

Internet users decided to brag about their things that went through fire and water, but they can still be used. Well, the editorial board of Happy Worthy Life sure that they will pass on to the next generation.

“My parent’s microwave is 34 years old. It survived 3 refrigerators, a stove, a dishwasher, about a dozen toasters and still works well. ”

“My father bought this leather jacket 40 years ago. I just polished skin a little. Now it’s like new. ”

“This mixer is over 40 years old, it used to belong to my mom. The husband said he would not buy a new one until this one broke.

“I’ve had this colander for 26 years – more than half of my life”

“Parents bought this rabbit when I was just born. I slept with him every night until my teens. I’m 25 now

“My grandfather bought these Red Wing boots back in 1975. I just replaced the soles and cleaned a little ”

This sewing machine is almost 100 years old and it is still working.

Denim Levi’s jacket my mom got in the 80’s. Now the thing is mine. Mom also has a similar one, but with a velvet collar.

“In 1995, I spent a ton of money collecting a complete set of McDonald’s Batman Forever mugs. I still use them ”

“I made juice for my parents using this juicer, when I was a child. She is 51 years old, and she still works great. “

“My grandmother bought this chair in an antique shop, even when my dad was a child.

“I just bought a costume that was sewn in the 1940s. I adore this costume: the fabric is so nice and it fits me perfectly ”

“This fireplace is more than 130 years old, such people no longer produce it. It cost us $ 1,800, about the same as modern ones now. ”

1930s Westinghouse refrigerator still working

“I am amazed that my aunt and then her sisters were able to keep this shirt dress in perfect condition. She is already over 50 years old, but it’s all like new. ”

“I cook a lot, and this is my favorite collection of pans. I got from my grandmother. The oldest of them is 40 years old ”

“The clock of my great-grandfather of the Second World War is still ticking”

“I’m just thrilled with this quilted bathrobe. He’s about 70 years old, but I feel very glamorous in him ”

“This Gillette Slim razor is 56 years old, and it still shaves very well. Bought it for $ 15 on eBay »

“This jacket came to me from my mother. I am 27 and she is older than me

20+ Quality Things Whose Service Life Has Crossed All Imaginable Time

“Tidied up this bag of the 1960s. I’m sure that vintage things are much better than modern ones. ”

“The 117 year old Peugeot. My parents grind pepper in it. ”

“On my wedding day, I realized that I hate my dress. Then I went to the thrift store and found myself the perfect lace dress, which was over 70 years old. It came up to me like a glove. ”

“These Pyrex bowls are 50 years old, but this is the only thing my wife wanted to receive as a gift from my parents. We use them daily. ”

We are sure that our readers will also find things that have served faithfully for many years. Tell us about them, but rather show them.

Photo by photo by BruisesAndWine / Reddit

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