20+ Rare Things Will Impress Even Today’s Youth

Rare things, the creators of which put their whole soul into them, can easily cause delight even after many decades. And not only among lovers of antiquity, but even among advanced hipsters. Just look at the multi-storey dollhouse of the late 19th century or a 110-year-old lantern, .

We at Happy Worthy Life have no doubts that exquisite vintage and antique items will be appreciated by people at all times. Here are 20+ things like that.

1. Kettle and burner mid-19th century

2. An old dollhouse, which even has an elevator was made at the end of the 19th century

3. And this is an antique toy stove with dishes

4. This vintage leather wrapped decanter bottle, from Italy

5. Metal pocket shopping list

6. Antique set of canapé skewers

7. Writing desk with many drawers

8. The hearse carriage of the 1800s

9. Hand-shaped door knocker

10. Lamp in the form of rocket, made in the 1960s

11. And here is another lamp in the form of a spaceship

12. Nutcracker in the form of an elephant, 1929

13. 1908-1910 Lantern Foot Warmer

14. Wood stove

15. “My parents bought this chair from an antique store in Brooklyn many decades ago.”

16. Desk clock with alarm and radio 1952

17. Belgian embroidery folding screen 1920s

18. “The old dressing table that my uncle kept in his basement”

19. The original 1939 Ford. And it is absolutely healthy

20. Art deco cabinets

Do you have things at home that are more than 50 or maybe even 100 years old?

Photo -by Elkdragon418 / reddit

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