20+ Unusual Things in The World You Didn’t Know

Everyone knows how ordinary things look like a computer mouse, a stapler, packing chips or a Soviet high-rise building. But it turns out that there is a computer mouse with calculator, a stapler made in the shape of a pen, a completely black bag, as well as a Soviet high-rise building in the form of a huge ring.

We found some other interesting things that don’t look quite familiar.

1. Watermelon with an unusually thin skin

2. A calculator mouse made by Canon

3. Round houses in Moscow look like a ring

By the way, there are only 2 such houses in the Russian capital. They are almost identical. Their diameter is 155 meters, the number of apartments is 913 and 936, in each of the houses there are 26 entrances.

4. Antique stapler made in the shape of a pen

5. Xylaria polymorpha, also known as dead man’s finger is a saprobic fungus, meaning it derives its nourishment from nonliving or decaying organic matter.

6. This tube of toothpaste is smaller than a tic tac box

7. Similar metal keyboards used in medical centers

The fact is that bacteria die faster on a metal surface. In addition, such a keyboard is easier to disinfect.

8. Have you ever seen a folding bench for 6 people?

9. It looks like a Rubik’s cube with sides of 15 × 15 cells: before its assembly and after

10. Nominee for the shortest escalator. Located in London’s famous Harrods department store

11. This tiny handrail that is about 20 cm long

12. In Japan, you can buy chips in a completely black bag

13. In 2008-2009, in Zimbabwe, all residents were dollar trillionaire

To understand the situation: in 2008-2009, there was hyperinflation in Zimbabwe , prices rose literally by the hour. In order to somehow rectify the situation, the authorities constantly printed new money, increasing their face value by a thousand times. And bread, by the way, could then cost 10 billion Zimbabwean dollars.

14. This is the largest pencil in the world, located in the city museum in St. Louis, USA. For scale, an ordinary pencil lies nearby.

15. This urinal is located in the toilet of the garden center

16. It turns out that there is a kind of bee with blue and black abdomens, called the Australian blue striped bee

17. Pickle cotton candy

18. This is the longest picnic table in England.

19. This is a tie clip with a functioning thermometer

20. These giant screws used as foundations for solar panel arrays

21. In Norway, in the commune of Moskenes in Lofoten, there is a village with a short name – O (Nor. Å)

Have you ever seen unusual things like this? Comment with us

Photo by AndyTarou / reddit

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