25 Everyday Things That Smart Designers Brought to Perfection

We are all used to using electric kettles, buying products with the expiration date indicated on them, and crossing the road to a traffic light permitting signal. And it seems that these things are good and it’s better not to do them anymore. But no, if the water temperature can be selected on the kettle, the expiration date indicator will give a countdown, and the traffic lights will be not only on top, but also at the sidewalk level, then the world will become a little more convenient.

We at Happy Worthy Life are sure that there is no limit to perfection and even for all of us things that have long been familiar to us can find a second life. Evidence is before you.

Children’s cup with a secret compartment under the lid so that you can give your child the medicine unnoticed

25 Everyday Things That Smart Designers Brought to Perfection
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Glasses that put an end to the war between husband and wife over TV

“My child’s jacket on the tag has several places for the name, so that you can then give it to the younger ones”

“My sister bought a fan that connects to the phone and blows into her face during a selfie, beautifully blowing her hair in the photo. That’s all for today. ”

“In my toaster there are windows through which you can watch how the bread is baked”

And your charger cable will never get tangled again

Floor lamp that gives a lot of light but takes up little space

“There are light bulbs in this airport lavatory showing which cabins are free.”

A device that helps the doctor find the veins in the patient

A trash can, in which you can not pour garbage: it will grab it itself


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Laundry basket, which itself folds clothes in neat piles

“There is a window with a mini-game on my kettle”

“There are light signals at this pedestrian crossing for those who are used to walking with their eyes fixed on their phone”

“Our guests are the time for fashionable cups”

A kettle in which you can choose to what temperature to warm the water

“There is a special gauge on the salmon package that shows how much is left before the expiration date”

“This Paris supermarket has a storage rack for motorcycle helmets.”

The closable tab on this can of Mountain Dew

Fork and spoon in one cutlery

Folds down when bus gets busier. Clever.

“There is a special finger hole in this plug to make it easier to unplug”

Which of these have you encountered in life, is it really as convenient as it looks? Or do you know abruptly fixtures?

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