25+ Frames Show That All the Ideas of Cool Directors We Have Already Seen in “Well, Wait a Minute!”

The world first saw “Well, wait a minute!” in 1969. In 2014, a survey showed that this is the most beloved cartoon among American residents. By the way, in March 2020, Soyuzmultfilm announced the release of 26 new stories about the Wolf and the Hare. Perhaps the secret of popular love is that the series is ahead of its time. Sometimes it even seems that dozens of directors have learned something from their best films.

We at Happy Worthy Life reviewed all the issues, had a good laugh and made sure: no matter what the coolest directors came up with, it was already in “Well, wait a minute!”. And in the bonus you will find a modern double of one of the characters.

26. The Lord of the Rings

25. Harry Potter

24. Aladdin

23. Downton Abbey

22. 50 shades of gray

25+ Frames Show That All the Ideas of Cool Directors We Have Already Seen in "Well, Wait a Minute!"
Fifty Shades of Gray / Focus Features  

21. Without a face

20. Three x

19. Survivor

18. Joker

17. Gravity

16. Let’s dance

15. Harpoon

14. Gentlemen of fortune

13. Pi’s life

12. The Matrix

11. Ice

10. The Mummy

9. Back to the future

8. Alone at home

7. The Walk

6. Destination – 2

5. Ford vs Ferrari

4. Radiance

3. Terminator-2

2. The black swan

1. Titanic

Bonus: in the video of the group Little Big, it seems, showed his Wolf

What other moments from “Wait a minute!” Do you recall frames from famous films?

Photo By Adme, Well, wait a minute! / Soyuzmultfilm

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