A Photographer Show That How Much Children Change in Just 6 Years

Novosibirsk photographer Nikita Khnyunin decided to take pictures of his younger brother in one of his last school lessons. During that, the photographer recalled that back in 2009, he took portraits of his brother’s classmates when they were in the 5th grade. This gave him idea of ​​creating a photo project that would show how much these guys have changed.

The photographer himself says: “On the last call, I brought these archival footage with me and hastily tried to capture all these changes that have taken place over 6 years. Here is one more visual proof show that time passes very quickly, everyone changes and matures right before our eyes, although it seems to us that we have always been the same as now. It is impossible to stop time, so all that remains is to manage to take such photos. “

We is convinced once again how fast time passes . Here are the same pictures.


This photo is the younger brother of the photographer.









Which of these guys has changed the most?

Photo by Etojiviefoto / Instagram

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