Why Our Appearance Different From What We See in the Mirror

The only person you can never see from the outside is yourself. Mirrors, cameras and camcorders distort reality, as does our brain, which has the habit of embellishing reality. If you are ready to find out which “filters” constantly adjust your appearance and what your own eyes are not talking about, then this article is for you.

Happy Worthy Life warns you that perhaps after the information received, life will not be the same, but before reading it is recommended to stock up on courage and chamomile tea.

1. We perceive ourselves more beautifully than we really are

Many people shift the blame for unsuccessful photos to the photographer or lighting and are sure that only the mirror is not lying. But scientists say that that handsome man that you watch every day in the mirror does not exist , but there is the same, but a little more peculiar. The brain protects the owner’s fragile psyche and retouches the exterior in his own eyes. Over time, we become so accustomed to  visual adjustments of ourselves that we stop paying attention to some shortcomings.

But scientists did not stop shocking people far from the world of science, and decided to conduct a series of experiments to finally prove the involuntary imposture of everyone living on Earth. Researchers photographed volunteers, and then processed their pictures in a photo editor. The subjects were warned that the photographs were retouched, and their task was to find the original image. None of the study participants completed the task, because the hand was constantly reaching for a more attractive version of itself.

The most interesting thing is that when scientists asked to find an untreated photograph of another person, the participants in the experiment easily coped with this task. It turns out that we embellish only our own appearance . Such a test can be conducted independently to look at the present. Although there are still things in this world that are better not to know.

Paradoxically, despite the growth of the popular movement, which calls on people to accept and love themselves for who they are, the demand for plastic surgery is increasing every year . Most patients initially aim to slightly improve the data obtained at birth, but when the first operation is successful, then the chains of fear and doubt fall from the person. He begins to find more and more reasons to visit a plastic surgeon. In addition to the fact that our brain corrects its own appearance, it gets used to new changes quickly enough, and then begins to hint that the result of the interventions is not very noticeable, so you can safely pump up your lips, do repeated rhinoplasty and change implants in the chest a size larger. Soout of control the initial desire to slightly tweak the natural data .

One of the popular reasons that makes people go under the knife is the desire to get perfect selfies. And this is not surprising, because modern people for the first time in the history of mankind see themselves in photographs, and this in turn helps to carefully seek out and focus on things that we don’t like about ourselves. In other words, we keep our appearance under constant control. Even our own brain does not have time to smooth out corners, which leads to various mental illnesses, such as dysmorphophobia . Here’s the answer to the question why you should not fight with the illusions of appearance that our brain throws up (do not interfere with its work and limit yourself to want to take 150 selfies a day).

2. As for our physique, we are also mistaken

If everything is clear with the face and we really cannot see ourselves from the outside, then with the body, it would seem, it should be simpler and to assess our condition, we just need to look down. But even here there was a catch with a distortion of perception. Scientists have found that people who are overweight, and with normal or insufficient can not adequately perceive their complexion.

In recent years, there have been massive changes in the idea of ​​what a normal weight should be . Due to the fashion for curvaceous forms (thanks, Kim Kardashian!), People began to chase outstanding volumes, and such popularity of large sizes calibrated their perceptions by increasing the threshold from the “overweight” parameter to “normal”. A significant proportion of overweight people do not identify obesity either in themselves or in their children, which causes serious concern for doctors.

Scientists have found another interesting thing: women in assessing body parameters rely on past experience . Participants in the experiment were shown images of people with different types of physique. It turned out that women identified her based on the data from the previous photo. For example, they perceived a person with obesity as a person with a normal weight, if in the previous picture the weight was really normal. This affects the idea of ​​the size of our body. Based on the memories , we are sure that they are still too thin or too thick, and do not notice how things really are.

3. Our voice is really not the way we hear it

If you at least once heard the recording of your voice, you probably thought: “Is it really me ?!” By the way, judging by the information presented above, it can be assumed that a similar shock would await us all if we saw ourselves from the side. But back to the voice. Yes, those nasty sounds on the record really belong to you. You just have to put up with it. And scientists say that if you often listen to your own audio recordings, then in the end you will get used to the difference and react to your voice not so sharply (but this method is only suitable for strong-willed people).

It is common for a person to perceive his voice lower in pitch than he actually is. Studies show that people change the tone of their voice not only depending on the situation (for example, when we like someone or we try to seem more serious), but also in an attempt to repeat the timbre that we ourselves hear. For example, during an experiment, people who heard their voice through a microphone, in which the pitch was changed, subconsciously changed their voice and tried to make it sound like the one they were used to.

What do you think the world would be like if people saw themselves as real? If you had the opportunity, would you like to see yourself from the outside?

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