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10+ Different About Modern Marriage – Marriage Story 2020

In our fast-paced world, everything is constantly being rethought, even such fundamental things as marriage and family. Over the past 20 years, this institute has acquired completely new features and properties. But it happened gradually and imperceptibly.

We at Happy Worthy Life examined modern marriage and family from all sides and drew attention to the fact that freedom in relations has become much greater. But plus or minus is up to you.

Social pressure on a woman has changed

10+ Different About Modern Marriage and Family in The Past

More precisely, it has changed its vector. 20 years ago, a woman, family, children, housework and an 8-hour work day “hung” on a woman. And that seemed normal to us.

But now women are more emotionally vulnerable and more prone to depression. This is due to the fact that the modern generation, in principle, is more prone to empathy: women have become aware of their inequality, social networks show a beautiful life, the media promotes the topic of upholding their interests, the idea of an “ideal mother” is promoted. It used to be hard physically, now it is morally and emotionally.

Hiring a nanny and calling a cleaning company is fine

Time has become more expensive than money. Therefore, now families are increasingly resorting to the services of nannies and cleaning companies. And instead of Saturday cleaning, they prefer to go to the cinema with the whole family or spend time with the second half, and give the nanny a child for 4 hours. No one else will say that you are a poor housewife or an irresponsible parent.

A more informed approach to conception

The course of healing the body, taking vitamins, quitting alcohol and smoking for several months is just a small set of actions that young couples are now taking when planning a child. Firstly, this is due to the fact that women decide to have their first child at a more mature age. That is, the body requires more care and attention.

In addition, studies confirm that a healthy lifestyle and giving up alcohol do have a positive effect on the reproductive health of both partners.

Family and marriage are gradually fading into the background

Family and marriage are gradually fading into the background

10 years ago, parents were worried that the girl would jump out early without getting an education. Or – even worse (read: shameful) – will become a minor mom. Now it is exactly the opposite: parents increasingly say that they are looking forward to grandchildren, while young people are not in a hurry to have children and even get married.

Together with these values, ideas about femininity have changed. Unise..x rules the ball, the oversize fashion has not been running for a season, and the androgynous appearance is now not equal to a freak.

Marriages of different ages

Studies conducted in different countries show that over the past 20 years, the age difference in marriage tends to increase. Now marriages of different ages are not a shame. Already few people will look in surprise at a mature man and girl or condemn a woman and a young guy. There are several reasons for this. First of all, modern medicine and the fashion for a healthy lifestyle allow people to look younger than their years and maintain a healthy body longer. So, the age difference is not so noticeable.

Secondly, if earlier marriages of different ages were concluded purely for mercantile reasons, today partners in such families often earn the same amount, and therefore they build relationships based on feelings and not paying attention to public opinion.

Pet in every home

Pet in every home

Now you rarely meet a family in which there would be at least some pet, and more often 2 or more of them. And the very attitude to pets has changed. Today we call our pet a family member, friend and even a child.

In addition, taking care of your pets goes to a new level – the premium level. A lot of finance is spent on toys, care (haircut, cleaning), veterinary services, not to mention premium feeds. This is due to various socio-economic factors: increased life expectancy, delay in marriage and childbirth, fashion for pets, etc.


Despite the fact that this word causes horror among adherents of the nuclear family, polyamorous marriages appear more often. Polyamory is the love relationship of one person with several partners at the same time. Of course, with the consent and approval of all participants in these relations. For example, 1 man and 3 women. Such families, as a rule, develop according to their interests or hobbies.

It is legally impossible to formalize polyamorous relations, but from a financial point of view it is more profitable. And if a child appears in such a family, then several people take care of him at once, which, of course, is also convenient.

Grandmothers do not want to sit with their grandchildren

Grandmothers do not want to sit with their grandchildren

Now grandparents are not so willing to nurse with their grandchildren as before. Firstly, many of them are still working, getting a good salary, and the prospect of retirement does not appeal to them. Secondly, many grandmothers in the shower do not feel like that. They are still full of energy, they look good, have some kind of hobby or even more than one – in general, they devote a lot of time to themselves, which they could not do when they raised their children.

Even 20 years ago, in the upbringing of a child, as soon as he was born, everyone participated. In general, everything was done together, we did not think of ourselves outside the family. Now man is a more independent and self-sufficient unit. Grandmothers are not ready at the age of 50-60 to “turn off” their lives in favor of their grandchildren. And this is becoming a trend.

More often prenuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement has ceased to be the prerogative of millionaires or a symbol of commercialism. Now it is rather a necessity. And all because the prenuptial agreement regulates not only the property issue, but also stipulates the separation of debts in the event of a divorce: mortgages, loans, large joint purchases, etc. Which, in turn, will help to avoid long nervous divorce proceedings and going to court .

Parents perceive the child as an equal

A clearer understanding of how the child’s psyche is arranged appeared. Now the parent is aware of the nature of the child, he was told about this by psychologists, books and various studies. Modern children are from an early age personality with their feelings and desires, which they have the right to express openly.

But there is a negative side to this education system. Young mothers often do not feel the border that they need to draw, and satisfy any desire of the child. This is not only about numerous toys and constant attention. Often a parent becomes dependent on the love and approval of his child.

Holidays without children and one by one

10+ Different About Modern Marriage and Family in The Past

Yes, relaxing with children is right and good, but relaxing without children is also right and very good. This idea is increasingly rooted in the minds of young parents. And there is nothing immoral in this, as was thought until recently. Moreover, studies confirm a clear improvement in relations after a vacation spent separately from children.

The fact is that the capabilities of the modern world allow this. Babysitting, children’s camps, summer schools, theme clubs – all this will benefit the child. Many parents note a sharp jump in the socialization of the child just after such independent trips. In addition, this approach is much better than going with a child to the resort and constantly giving it to the kids club at the hotel.

Holidays alone or with friends / friends are also becoming more common. And the leisure options have become much more diverse: original tours, festivals of interest, reconstruction, etc. This option is perfect if the partners have different hobbies.

Every day we are becoming freer from public opinion, and this cannot but affect the formation of families and relations with children. Perhaps this is another step in the evolution of the institution of marriage.

And which of the above is closest to you?

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