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20 Photos That Prove Kids And Animals are Lifelong Friends

When children grow up surrounded by pets, they suffer less from loneliness and their self-esteem increases. And these are not all benefits of growing up in the company of a pet. It doesn’t matter which one: a fluffy cat or a dog, a cute bird or a pig – they are all ready to share their love with little people.

We found children who have established a strong emotional bond with their pets. And their joint photographs touched us to the core.

1. “Something tells us that this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.”

2. “Ash is the best blanket for our daughter”

3. “My nephew and his rabbit at the computer”

4. “One of our rescued kittens made an unexpected friendship.”

5. “Brought our baby girl home from the hospital to meet the other member of our pack.”

6. “My daughter and her lovebird hugged and slept together all the way.”

7. “Our daughter and our neighbor’s dog are best friends.”

8. Every time she sees a new dog

20 Photos That Prove Kids And Animals are Lifelong Friends

9. “The cat was hurt, and the son did not want to leave her.”

10. We adopted a mini pot belly pig. My son loves it

20 Photos That Prove Kids And Animals are Lifelong Friends

11. My son snuggling with the newborn calf we brought inside to warm up

12. “We Got a new kitten and my daughter thinks its her baby.”

13. “My son is sitting on a horse, dressed up as a horse. He just loves horses, I don’t know why. “

14. “My son is happier when he has a rat snake in his hands.”

15. Watching kids put on a puppet show for the cat is priceless.

16. “Tarantulas are my daughter’s greatest love”

17. Best friends for four years

18. “My daughter wanted to take her duckies for a walk and that’s what she came up with.”

19. “My rabbit and friends’ children watch TV together”

20. “I walked in last night and saw this.”

Do you have best animal friends? 

What do you think?

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