25 Evidence That There is No Force More Destructive Than a Child

If your house has small children, then you probably know perfectly that there is nothing more alarming than the prolonged silence.

We has found 25 photos for you that show how destructive the power can be behind a few minutes of peace. As a bonus – an example of the fact that children are not familiar with the word “enough.”

We don’t ‘like’ our daughter.

“She asked me to play quietly for 5 minutes.”

Some children outside the window are playing a car accident

“The six year old son asked me again and again whether I was going to go to the toilet. I just find out why.”

“That’s what happens if you blink.”

Just butter is too much like ice cream

He survived a children’s party

“That is why I do not like silence in the house”

“The children got up early to help with painting basement.”

“I do not regret anything”

Hurricane “Children”: severe and merciless

Daredevil Halloween Candy Heist- caught red-handed

Doctors say motor development very helpful

“I will not eat, so I bite”

There is nothing to help restore this sofa

“I didn’t know what to think when my neighbor, a policeman, a former Marine, burst into me shouting:” Come … soon … my children … this is everywhere … my wife is not at home … “”

Stuck in the most unexpected places – a separate children’s talent

Dad said that somewhere in the house is hidden treasure

Just about had a heart attack driving home from the supermarket

“Mom, we wanted to help collect all your favorite puzzles.”

Interestingly, sellers of children’s goods departments pay extra for harm?

“The moment my children turned on the siren in a police car”

As I took the sharpie from my daughter, I muttered words I had heard my mother say to me as a child. “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

So the sound is better

You don’t even understand who is following whom

Bonus: “As a child, I loved strawberries so much that I ate it until I felt bad. This is one of those moments.”

But even the most destructive they commit with such an innocent and charming appearance that we are ready to forgive them everything! Have you ever encountered the consequences of children’s tricks? Share your stories with us in the comments!

Photo by Bibbiadellecazzate / facebook

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