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15 Ways to Not Spend a Fortune on A Child but Remain a Good Parent

In the minds of modern parents, the slogan “All the best is for children” is firmly rooted. And this is just great, but sometimes mom and dad in pursuit of material wealth for their crumbs do not have time to give him something much more valuable – their attention. And insidious marketers are also fueling the situation, convincing that you can’t save on your own child, you only need to buy for it that has the words “luxury”, “elite” or “premium” on its packaging.

We at Happy Worthy Life are sure that the time spent with the baby is much more valuable than the new rattle. And that being an economical parent and a bad parent is not the same thing. Therefore, we created a small list of tips on how to save money in the family budget, if you have a child.

15 Ways to Not Spend a Fortune on A Child but Remain a Good Parent
  • Do not buy clothes if you are offered to pick up for free. Babies don’t care what you put them on. Often young parents buy many costumes that do not even have time to put on a rapidly growing child, so if you have such friends, feel free to use their offer to pick up things that have become unnecessary.
  • Instead of sliders, buy regular pants and put on a child with socks. Slips and overalls, choose with open legs. The fact is that the baby is growing rapidly, so soon the closed foot will start to bother him.
  • Changing table, walker, playpen, bottle sterilizer – all this is often completely waste. The first perfectly replaces a bed or sofa, doctors still doubt the use of the second and third, and you can sterilize children’s dishes in a pot of boiling water and even in a microwave. If you are sure that you need this or that thing, buy a used one.
  • The baby does not need soft sides, pillows, cozy rugs and canopies. Moreover, all this is dangerous for him. There should be nothing in the baby’s crib except a hard mattress and sheets.
  • Sew the diapers. Buy a natural and soft fabric and sew the diapers yourself or give them in the studio. In any case, it is cheaper than buying them at a children’s goods store.
  • Do not buy what you can rent. Growing up children begin to demand costumes of princesses and superheroes from mothers and fathers, and over time their preferences will change. If you don’t want to buy a new Elsa dress from Frozen, just rent it
  • Take the direction to the dairy kitchen in the clinic. They offer quality products for free, while in chain supermarkets, not the freshest factory curds with preservatives and fillers will cost you at least $ 20 apiece. In some regions, parents are given kefir, cottage cheese and milk, in some, milk mixes and fruit purees go to this.
  • Cook it yourself. For the first feeding, there are many mashed potatoes and cereals, and almost everything can be prepared independently. Mashed vegetables are harder in winter when fresh vegetables go up. If the freezer allows, you can buy a wholesale batch of zucchini and broccoli in the summer or autumn, cut into small pieces and freeze.
  • If you absolutely do not have time to cook, buy mashed potatoes in jars in bulk. It has a long shelf life.
  • Use diapers less often. Pediatricians recommend having the baby take air baths during diaper changes. Increase them as the child grows older, and closer to the year you can switch to cotton panties. The child will feel discomfort from wet pants and will sooner get used to the potty. And you will save. Less – you have to wash more often.
  • Do not buy a bunch of baby cosmetics, especially for babies: for kids, a good enough baby soap with a dispenser and panthenol cream from a pharmacy are enough. Shampoos and shower gels are superfluous.
  • Do not buy bathtubs for bathing. It is much more useful to bathe the baby in a large bath and at the same time teach him to swim.
  • Do not waste money on toys for babies. At least expensive. In fact, babies up to 1 year of age do not really need rattles: they are much more interested in studying objects that they constantly see in the hands of mom and dad. Instead of giving your child an expensive toy, rustle with it a pack of wet wipes or tap with teaspoons – he will like it a lot more.
  • Make toys with your own hands. Nowadays, biziboards or bisidomics are very popular – developmental toys consisting of keys, buttons and other trifles useful for the development of fine motor skills. This magnificence is worth 20-50 dollars. It will be much cheaper to take the old keyboard, sew buttons and eyelets on a piece of fabric and hang it all on the wall. The effect is the same.
  • Hide the toys that the child is tired of. After a couple of weeks, when the baby already forgets about them, you will get them and get a wow effect. The council works for parents whose children have not reached the age of 3 years.

Of course, each parent has his own methods of education. Someone has the opportunity to give the child everything from the diaper, and some try to postpone the savings for the future of the baby. What type of parents are you? And what methods do you use to save money on children’s Wishlist yourself?

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