10+ Funny Moments Between Parents and Children

Each family has its own special atmosphere. Some people like to take everything seriously and without unnecessary surprises, while others are not averse to fooling around and making fun of each other. Laughter is useful in both cases, so raise the level of endorphins with the heroes of today’s collection.

We at Happy Worthy Life a healthy sense of humor, especially if it cheers up all the participants, so we share the pearls of people who are nowhere without humor.

16. “The first birthday of my child. We had no idea that there was a sparkler in a candle. ”

14. Never tell your daughter who loves horses that she was born in the year of the Monkey.

12. “My 5 year old child said he left me a little”

9. But it smelled so good

6. My mother loves to send me photographs of my 12 year old dog to try and get me back to her hometown. It might work

4. Today was my birthday, and mom gave me these cookies

2. She still does not know many words that could be used in this situation.

And how do you have fun in your family?

Photo for preview Folsky / reddit

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