12 People Who Wanted To Do Simple Thing But a Little Carried Away

In our collection today, there is a girl who became a star in 15 seconds. The guy with the microphone just offered to sing the song to a random passerby, and she tried so hard that she turned her head around the Internet. Charlotte Obery is an example of what can happen if a little ordinary work is put in a little more effort than it requires.

We found other people who seem to put their whole soul into what they are doing.


“One day my sister had a“ crazy hairstyle day ”at school. And my mother had no time for jokes: she really wanted to win. “


Comments are unnecessary.


“Well then, I tried making homemade sushi.”


“My daughters built a hospital for slugs and found more than 30 patients who are now fleeing. Nothing in parenting textbooks prepared me for this. ”


“I made a coffee table. I think the proportions are perfect. ”


“My daughter is 19. And we had no other candles at hand.”


“My mom works at Amazon, and she sent me a picture of one of the trucks that she uploaded herself.”


Someone was trying to sanitize banknotes in the microwave.


“It seems like I’ve been spending a bit more time lately cooking dinner for my child.”


“I think I have too much free time.”


“She covered the bed, then she started cleaning the apartment. Suddenly I realized that I had not seen a cat for a long time. Found him here. ”


“I asked my wife just to knit a rainbow scarf for me, but she did more.”

And how serious are you in business? Are there people in your environment who are very careful in any business?

What do you think?

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