15 Good News for Those Who Miss Sweetness And Joy

The world is so kind and full of wonders, but sometimes we do not notice it behind vanity and problems. And sometimes it’s worth stopping to see how happiness is trying to break through to us in the form of the simplest things: the smile of a stranger, an awesome sunset, a child’s hugs. And, of course, in the form of simple and kind news: about real friends, about penguins chasing soap bubbles, and about a cat who has retired and now lives in the village by his beloved tree.

We at Happy Worthy Life are sure that despite all the trials that life sends, everything will definitely be fine. As in this our article.

1. Dog who almost died in a fire becomes a therapy dog to rehabilitate other victims

2. Two friends promised to share the money if one of them wins the lottery. 28 years later, one of them won $ 22 million and  split it with a friend

3. Volunteers found a dying horse at a construction site, which was abandoned by the owner, and left it. Here is the result

4. A large family from outside Kharkov burned down the ground. And then neighbors got together and in 6 days built a new one for them.

5. On the very first day of his service in the police, Max’s dog helped to find the mother and baby who were missing. Everything is fine with them

6. Lenny Mogan from San Francisco turned his runs into art: he chooses such a route so that he ends up drawing on the map

7. Doctor Evgeny Kosovskikh began by treating the homeless for free on weekends, and then created the charity organization “Another Medicine”, and now volunteers help him

8. German student lost his dog during a vacation in Australia. For 5 years he has been browsing Australian sites about lost animals and finally found his friend

9. Chef Burak Ozdemir is known not only for his incredible dishes, but also for his good deeds: he recently  gave a scooter to a guy who cannot walk

10. A video of 11-year-old Anthony from Nigeria, who dances barefoot in the rain, viral video the boy received an scholarship to the ballet school in New York

11. A homeless dog nailed to a car dealership in Brazil. He was so friendly with employees and clients that he was officially hired and given a badge.

12. The penguins in the British zoo sad, but they were presented with a soap bubble generator, and now the penguins are much more fun. Look!

13. Cat Palmerston, the official mice of the British Foreign Office, has retired. His resignation request was granted, and the cat went to live in a village where he has a favorite tree.

14. Mistress Milo breeds monarch butterflies in her garden, the dog grew up next to them. Butterflies are not afraid of the dog and love to sit on his nose and a wreath of flowers

15. In Dingle Bay lives a wild lone dolphin Fangi , who adores people. For 30 years he has been meeting and seeing off ships and playing with tourists

What photos and stories from the life of your pets could make the list of good news from this article?

What do you think?

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