16 Answers to the Question Why Husbands Always Need to be Alert

Husbands are often accused of lack of attention, lack of romance after the wedding and a kind of humor. But no one mentions that men also have something to sweat in a relationship, and sometimes the intrigues of the other half reach even the Internet.


The heroes of this article encountered not the most ordinary acts of their wives, but still retained the ability to look at everything with humor, for which we are very proud of them.

Relaxing after winning an argument with wife

This is how we announced our pregnancy to our friends and family.

“My wife ordered cosmetics, told her not to spend too much money. She reassured me – she said that she would order me a perfume. And here he is. ”

“I came home and for 45 minutes I could not find my wife”


“I asked my wife to shorten my hair a little. But she took everything too literally. “

“The wife allowed our 8-year-old to independently choose a curtain for the bathroom …”

“She said that I never post our common photos. Well…”


“My wife wanted to make a cake that looks like a cut of a mineral. It turned out like this “

And then try to adequately integrate into the dialogue

After four children, I told my wife no more kids. She won.

“My husband agreed to the dog only on condition that he would have nothing to do with it. Meet my husband and his best friend Jacob


“I asked my husband to finally throw out the old tree and sarcastically noticed that it would take a LOT of time. Then I saw it … “

“It seems my wife’s flowers have filled the whole room”

And someone does not give up, despite the persuasion of his wife


“It’s better not to ask your wife to take a photo in the style of“ Hold my hand ””

I misheard my husband when he said he DIDN’T want to completely shave his head, so now he’s rocking an unfortunate comb-over

And what stories of female deceit in relation to husbands have been encountered in your experience? Or maybe you think that wives should be on the alert?

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