17 People Who Can Laugh at Themselves

“Finally I have found furniture to match my balcony”

Russian Post employees know how to make fun of themselves

Human power

Went hiking for the first time in a while. My hiking boots are just as out of shape as I am.

“This is me setting my alarms.”

My DMV agent was very nice and let me have some fun with my picture

These guys are clearly not devoid of self-irony.

17 People Who Can Laugh at Themselves

Crazy sore muscles but no bath tub? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

When a letter from a daughter is a reason for pride

Long kayaking trip + belly rolls = most inconsistent sunburn ever

My friend found a photo I gave her in kindergarten. My older brother helped me write the note

“Mom asked what kind of cake I would like for my birthday. I replied that the same as any adult man who turns 31 wants: with Batman “

“This is my car and I am very proud of it. Today I parked it next to a Ferrari “

“I just wanted to share how my brother and I first went on a roller coaster”

How do you feel about teasing yourself? If you are ready to share your bad photos Please say.

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