18 Photos That Really Catch Your Eye To a Non-Standard Angle

If you cannot make out whether there is a dog in front of you or a pig, and stones seem to be speaking, then do not rush to think that something is wrong with you. Perhaps it’s all about a distorted perspective or a particular position from which you view the subject.

We have some photos that could have been completely banal, but thanks to the camera angle, they seriously hooked Internet users.

I looked up from dinner so utterly confused. Quite silly once you realize what’s going on with the knife.

“This banana is painted on the floor of a grocery store.”

“It’s a Pumpkin. She is 19 and this is her best photo. “

“I thought I had left the trunk open.”

“From this angle it seems that the Sphynx cat is already ready for baking.”

“A dog became my driver”

“The cow looks like it is chewing on another smaller cow”

From this angle, the building looks like a solid wall of windows

“It took me a while to see the second good boy.”

Accidentally created a porcupine by pouring instant coffee over an Americano

“Come I will give you a hug”

18 Photos That Really Catch Your Eye To a Non-Standard Angle

The tenement paradise looks like this

18 Photos That Really Catch Your Eye To a Non-Standard Angle

“When my dog ​​lies in this position, it looks like a pig.”

“A hornet’s nest has grown around the spotlights in the garage.”

Went boating on Saratoga Lake, NY and saw this cloud that looks like a Victorian lady

“This wonderful moment my wife and I captured last weekend in Canada.”

“My neighbor has a cow in the garden … but I need new glasses.”

Bonus: “I wanted to photograph my daughter falling asleep. And got the best photo of our cat “

There any cases when your vision let you down or because of the angle, objects and people opened from a new side? Write about it.

Photo by Butsrsly / Reddit

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