19 Photos Evidence That Sense of Humor Has No Age

Our beloved grandmothers never cease to amaze us. Their work is tender, they find the most unusual use of ordinary things, and no one knows how to have fun. Young in heart, they show by their own example how to live this life so as not to regret anything later.


Happy Worthy Life has collected 19 photos showing why we love grandmothers so much.

1. “My grandmother on her 100th birthday”

2. “My 87-year-old grandmother decided it was time to get a tattoo.”

3. “It seems she enjoyed her stay in Bangkok”

Found this hidden behind some jars in my widowed, 86 y/o grandma’s kitchen. I guess we all have our dirty little secrets!


5. “I admire my 96-year-old grandmother, who still lives alone, can walk without a cane or a wheelchair and who water her flowers by climbing on a tractor”

6. “Just my grandmother at the party, at the DJ console”

7. “My grandmother has a spatula, which she uses to move the completed pieces of her puzzle”


8. “My girlfriend asked her grandmother to walk the dog while she was at work”

9. “She loves Tim Tebow, so we gave her this for her birthday”

10. Nobody wanted to tell Grandma that her dish with “slots for the spoons” was an ashtray…

11. “I was visiting my grandmother and found a photo from her New Year’s cruise. What the hell, grandma ?! ”

19 Photos Evidence That Sense of Humor Has No Age


12. “I asked for a car full of money for my birthday. Grandma gave it to me. ”

13. “I ordered the Wonder Woman costume. It turned out to be a little big for me, and my grandmother said she wanted to try it on. Awesome result! ”


14. My grandmother has had this up in her house for 30+ years. Just noticed she pasted her face over Scarlet O’Hara

15. My Grandma’s photo Stand-In she made for her retirement community’s Luau

16. When life is good and you can afford to do whatever you want

17. My Grandma got bit by a Pelican on the pier and then began to scold it.

18. “My husband’s grandmother. Strange resemblance “

19. “She cut out a photo from the magazine Leonardo DiCaprio and stuck it in place of her husband “

And what funny stories about grandmothers have you had? Tell us about them in the comments.

Preview photo depressiown / reddit , Schnarf_Shnarf / imgur

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