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20 Extraordinary People Who Can Create a Masterpiece of Nothing

We believe that there are no people with very specific tastes. There are people with zest and extraordinary imagination, which sometimes generates stunning ideas. Brilliant or crazy – depending on which side you look at, because the taste and color of markers are all different.

We have found masterpieces with a weirdo on the Internet that will either win your heart or cause a nervous tic.

“I made the softest pants in the world”

“I have a real pizza epoxy doorstop”

“Why buy Converse when you can draw them?”

“Starry Night” by Van Gogh, lined with paper clips on paper. Unusual fantastic variation

“Such is the lamp in my hotel room”

“I wonder what the creator wanted to say with this creation?”

“We spent 2 hours on the road to take this photo. It was worth it”

“There was a sink at my furniture store that has a drawer that goes around the pipes”

“I found this box of boxers at a local gift shop.”

“We spent almost 10 meters of fabric to make this cosplay!”

“In the mall I came across a figurine of a dog doing yoga.”

“I finally found a top that covers my shoulders.”

“I came across a statue of a bear in Denver. Yes, he looks into the windows of the building “

“A friend recently got a 3-D printer and has started making T-rex arms to put on his chickens.”

“It took 5 hours to carving and sanding. The master who created this masterpiece has golden hands and nerves of steel.”

“I took apart my old phone and put it in a frame.”

“Especially for those who are afraid to ruin their hair. This hat is too cool not to be worn in winter.”

“My boyfriend’s mom made us chocolate covered turkey strawberries because were vegetarian.”

What masterpiece you have seen in your life?

Photo by TeannaaLW / Twitter

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