20+ Funny Moments Husband and Wife Humor

Humor in a long-term relationship contributes to higher satisfaction with them. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Aberystwyth. Laughter has a positive effect on marriage, and wives whose spouse has a wonderful sense of humor feel happier in a family union.

The heroes of our article do not need any scientific justification for how important it is sometimes to have a good laugh with your soulmate. They know this from their own experience.

We at Happy Worthy Life have both hands for humor and fun in the family and we advise you to also take an example from these 20+ cheerful husbands and wife.

2. “My future wife hates the ladder that I bought for dogs. He says they don’t even use it. After weeks of training, I sent her a photo. “

“I bet you feel stupid now.”

3. “My wife did not know where to spend our 1,900 coupons from Dave & Buster. I have found a solution “

4. “When my husband asked where the markers were, I had to suspect something.”

5. “I asked my husband to buy a cucumber”

6. “My wife says I’m like a child. I don’t understand what she’s talking about. ”

7. “My girlfriend gave me a cute chihuahua jumpsuit, and my husband assigned him”

8. “My fiance grumbled that I do not have his pictures on the desktop”

9. “My wife baked me a cake for Valentine’s Day”

10. “A friend’s husband decided to make a joke of her like that”

“Attention! There is an aggressive spider under the glass. “Do not shift until you are ready to crush him.”

11. “Hotel robes of the same size are not always universal”

12. “My husband and I discovered curtains for showers with photo print”

13. Collectors will understand

14. “My wife asked me to choose wrapping paper for gifts in Hanukkah. The only criterion that they gave me: it should be blue and white. Mission accomplished”

15. “My husband could not think that I would find the same shirts for all of them.”

16. “It was assumed that this would be a nice picture of a spouse with a child”

17. “The spouse decided to change clothes for this Halloween”

18. “My wife hates this photo of me, so I made a blanket with him and gave it to her”

19. “The husband forgot to buy toilet paper”

20. “My wife left the gloves to dry. I nearly had a heart attack. ”

21. “Beloved spouse left this for me in the bathroom”

“Please use this to remove makeup. Extra towels in the drawer below. You have to STOP leaving stains on hanging white towels because I really don’t want to kill you. Sincerely, Housing Manager. ”

And what funny situations happened in your family?

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