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20+ Funny People Who Fell Victim to Rally When They Did Not Expect It

20+ funny people who fell victim to rally when they did not expect it: Among us there are a lot of those who, although they are too old-age, but behave like a teenager who does not miss the chance to play a friend or family person. Living with such a joker is not always easy, because you never know what he can wean. Someone can simply drive the car directly into the house to see the reaction of his wife, and another will prepare a surprise for Halloween, from which the heart can snap.

We at Happy Worthy Life do not mind making fun of a colleague or friend. Here are 20+ people who behave exactly the same. And at the end of the article you will see evidence that even the wind has a sense of humor.

“My wife forgot to leave the car seat so that I could take our son to the nanny. When my wife asked how I would take the child, I sent her this photo and … turned off my phone for the next 4 hours “

“My wife left to celebrate Halloween, taking our teenage children with her. They will return home after dark, so I prepared a “pleasant” surprise for them. That’s how he looks on the security camera. “

“I found that our Volkswagen breaks into our home. Let’s see what the wife says when she gets home. ”

“My dad places this figure everywhere so that I get scared.”

“I have just returned home. My wife is in our bedroom, and here on the nightstand I see it. I feel how the anger of the gods intensifies in me, I turn it over, and there … “

“That’s how my husband told me he didn’t like the syrup that I bought. Yes, we are still working on our communication skills. ”

“My dad warned me that it would be difficult to find him at the airport. Because he has lost weight and now looks completely different. “

“For a moment it seemed to me that dad gave me an awesome Christmas present …”

“At the beginning of the year I lost a tooth, I took an idiotic photo. And my wife took and ordered socks with this picture. And at Christmas I gave them to my mother ”

The main thing is that after an hour he doesn’t get sick and he has

20+ People Who Fell Victim To The Rally When They Did Not Expect It

“My wife’s family loves to be photographed together every Easter. I decided to make minor changes. ”

“It seems my wife decided to show herself witty”

“He sent his wife an x-ray of his spine, hoping for sympathy and support. And she wrote: “Your body is like a country road, lol.” 10/10 for sensitivity ”

“That’s what my husband does with paper and scissors.”

“My husband decided that our beautiful floral guest bathroom needed more wall decor.”

“My wife’s colleague still thinks his new plant is a cactus. In fact, this is a pickled cucumber, which is replaced by another every 2 days … And it all lasts for 2 weeks already “

“This shower curtain was delivered by mail today. When we opened the package, my wife almost died … From that moment, my wife’s privilege to decorate the house was canceled ”

“My wife asked me to get dressed for a professional Christmas photo shoot. I think I did a great job. ”

“I was invited as a witness to the wedding. They said that you need to get dressed in something like the “old pilot”. Well, I got dressed. I came to the registry office, and there everything is in dresses and suits. They refused to let me into the building. The bride and groom said they were just joking. “

“I made AirPod stickers in full size and pasted them around the city”

Bonus: even the wind is not averse to play a trick on us

And how do you feel about similar antics of adults? Perhaps your soulmate loves something like that?

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