20+ People Who Now Think a Hundred Times Before Buying Anything at All

I would like that expectations always correspond to reality. However, alas, the opposite is most often found.

We hope that the heroes of our collection will smile good luck next time.

“It was an expensive cake ordered by my sister-in-law’s friend.”

“I tried to make a potato casserole”

Well, one to one!

Sensation! SpongeBob opened a third eye!

Hey, where’s the salad?

Find 10 differences

Expectation and reality when you look through a telescope for the first time

Garlic Bread Twists from Dominos.

When your blackout curtains look like this:

“I just wanted romance”

“Let’s just say that I was very happy with my new genie mask until I put it on.”

Misleading Fish Packaging

“This potato with cheese was not so presented to us”

Everywhere cheating!

“I tried to make cookies in the form of coffee beans, but it turned out how it happened”

“My friend’s mom ordered a bunch of cakes for teachers on Teacher’s Day.”

“He sent flowers to my boss just to express appreciation. It’s safe to say that I will never order flowers online again. ”

“My 11-year-old sister tried to make an octopus out of bread.”

“My first attempt at making blanmange failed.”

“My“ sandwich ”, bought today, contains a micro-portion of the filling”

Well, good luck next time!

“It tasted even worse than it looked”

“We wanted to create something beautiful for our wedding cake. But in the end

Where is the filling?

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