20+ Photos That Could Be Wildly Boring If Not For One Detail

Our whole life consists of little things and details, and this is what makes it interesting. And with photographs, story is exactly the same: unexpected little things and accidentally caught camera angles, characters and details that fell into the frame unplanned. Such built on accidents and captured moments, I want to look at pictures again and again.


We got a kick out of some of the shots from this collection and we just couldn’t help but share them with you.

A scarf in a jacket pocket looks too fluffy and cute

What a beautiful girl! Just like the cover. Wait a minute …

“I was driving past the apartment I lived in around 1994 and nostalgia. But I never expected to see what was happening “

“Stopped today to take a photo of this unusual couple”

Careful, you seem to be noticed


“My daughter’s new goldfish has a mustache.”

This bus is jam-packed with strange passengers.

After having a tooth out today my cat decided to use her fish dinner as false teeth


“My daughter’s new doll came with a tiny phone that had a cracked screen.”

“It was impossible to pass by the piercing, painful gaze from the broken windows.”

20+ Photos That Could Be Wildly Boring If Not For One Detail

“Hey boy, am I doing this right?”

Mice shop in Sweden

20+ Photos That Could Be Wildly Boring If Not For One Detail


“I caught my cat when he looked at me like that”

Space near my tire collected soil which eventually sprouted a plant

Also at first they thought that the car was overturned?

Creepy fish with almost human teeth

“A fabulous ring of mushrooms in the yards of my neighbors”

She knows how to make a cartoon face without Snapchat filters

Meanwhile on Indian TV

Do you often notice such details in the photo? Perhaps there are some valuable pieces in your personal collection that would complement this collection?

Photo by Adme, TheTallLebowski / Reddit

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