20 Relatives Whose Sense of Humor Sharper Than a Razor

Humor adds spice and piquancy to relationships and strengthens marriage. It is contraindicated for husbands to joke only in stressful periods of life: at this time, many men use their witticisms to alleviate anxiety, which does not affect relations well. But women with a sense of humor in difficult times often use jokes that help their spouses relax and make the connection between them stronger.

Anyway, Happy Worthy Life advises: joke as much as possible, because it prolongs youth and makes us happier. And to make sure that in every family there is a place for humor, this selection will help you.

After years of pictures from our dad posing with “trophy” deer, my brother one-upped him with this beauty.

“My brother made a cake for me from the cartoon Sleeping Beauty.”

“I hid photos of my father around the house. My favorite place”

“My wife recently found this. Her maternal grandmother portrayed 3 generations of the family. ”

“My grandfather drew a chair that he painted so much fun”

“It’s strange, but for some reason my laptop is not charging”

“I hung an image of a zombie’s face in front of a baby monitor. “My wife was not thrilled with what she saw when she decided to check our child in the middle of the night.”

“My son is the only boy in the family. And that comedian

“My mother tied my hat”

“My dad ran along this route with only a map and a compass”

“When my wife had an ultrasound scan, instead of taking a picture of our first-born, I gave her this xenomorph image. She sent it to all relatives before she realized what was on it. “

“We just wanted to take a family photo”

What jokes or jokes have your family had? Tell us about the most ridiculous situations that you or your loved ones have been in.

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