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20+ Situations in Which One Wants to Say: “Someone Pinch Me”

We take the imagination for granted, but there are people who are completely devoid of the ability to fantasize. Scientists called this feature the term “afantasy.” People with afantasia are unable to mentally reproduce images, they do not understand what it is to imagine. There are only 2% of such people on Earth, but some of them are sure that they are lucky, because a blind inner gaze helps to live here and now, not to experience psychological trauma, and not to store in your memory images of sad moments of your life.

We at Happy Worthy Life believe in the power of imagination, because it helps to create creative ideas. In addition, a person with a rich imagination is not bored – even in ordinary things and phenomena he is able to discern something special.

“I enter a dark room and see this on the wall. What do you think this is? ”

“You look in the refrigerator, and you are welcome there”

“Last year I noticed that the shower curtain has some shape. And I decided to sketch ”

It seemed

“Ready to take off”

Not only does he look, he also smiles

“Pegasus in the sky”

Very similar to one bird

“The clouds and the moon look like a creepy face.”

How big are her teeth

“Oh you!”

“I went to the balcony”

“My dog ​​and her new legs”

The case when the shadow lives its own life

You go into the room, and suddenly

“Yesterday I fell asleep on the couch, and that’s what happened”

Floating bin

Cats can scare worse than horror directors

“Long dog”

“When you don’t feel like washing dishes”

“Lady dog?”

“Moon or Saturn?”

“The New Superhero – The Yolk Man”

Friends, have you ever had times when your imagination made you see something that wasn’t?

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