20+ Things and Animals Whose Sizes Go Beyond the Usual

According  to the Guinness Book of Records, the tallest man in the world of the living is Sultan Kösen, whose height is 251 cm. And the smallest woman is called Jyoti Amji, and her height is only 62 cm. These facts can cause bewilderment, shock or simply strong surprise. And we are unlikely to ever stop comparing anything, because this evaluative action causes us a whole spectrum of vivid emotions.

At  Happy Worthy Life, we believe that getting a pleasant emotional shake is possible not only with your favorite snacks or watching videos with cats. You can also take a look at something new or non-standard. This is exactly what the heroes of our collection shared.

The Russian greyhounds has inconceivable long muzzle

This absolute unit of a lemon my girlfriend grew

“Here is such a hail today in Arkansas”

An ordinary audio cassette compared to a 100 GB video cassette. In 1986, Sony introduced a digital video format called “D-1,” but later the company decided to abandon it.

This shrimp from Japan

“This is such a giant grape I came across in a store”

This is gaur  – the largest representative of the genus of real bulls, whose weight can reach 2,000 kg

“I have grown this huge carrot myself”

“My new phone compared to my newborn baby”

20+ Things and Animals Whose Sizes Go Beyond the Usual
 z4cd / reddit  

What a “small” garlic clove

A beautiful bouquet of amethysts for a student of the geological faculty

“Here is a big leaf of basil I have grown”

This Screw driver

Behold the king of all cocks!

Amethyst geode compared to humans

“My dad just finished assembling a puzzle of 13,200 pieces, and he is very proud of him”

Japanese fisherman accidentally found such a giant boy

Of course I had to compare this onion to my dog’s head

Powerful and huge paws of a golden eagle

Have you ever seen things that shocked you with their size? Maybe you even managed to photograph it, for example, a huge mushroom in the forest or a giant hedgehog? If so, share your photo discoveries with us.

What do you think?

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