20 Things That Exist Because of the Stupid of People

Along with space flights and stunning discoveries, people regularly commit stupid things that are sometimes difficult to imagine. Fortunately, the more conscious part of humanity invents a variety of things and instructions that are designed to prevent this.


We made a list of things and rules that would not be needed if we were all a little wiser and more attentive.

  • In many countries, ambulances have a mirrored inscription. You never know, maybe someone does not understand that a huge yellow car behind them with flashing lights and a siren is an ambulance.  solo_een_vir / reddit

  • In the advertising of drugs, they began to actively add a warning that the drug should not be taken if you are allergic to it. What, someone continues to take, although he knows that he has an allergy?  evilpotato1121 / reddit
  • Warning signs near waterfalls, rocks and other potentially dangerous places.  BigBearSD / reddit
  • Some films, for example, Emoji Film (by the way, it paid off at the box office more than 4 times, raising more than $ 217 million – approx ). Pokeplushman / reddit
  • Measles. In developed countries, it continues to exist only because of those who do not want to be vaccinated.  Swimminginsarcasm / reddit
  • Power paper cutters require that the human operator simultaneously push two buttons. This is to prevent the accidental amputation of the operator’s hand. SuzQP / reddit
  • Health workers. Most challenges are due to the fact that people have done stupid things. I have been working as a paramedic for almost 20 years. Please fasten your seat belts!  fastbeemer / reddit
  • Many breeding animals. Their representatives have serious health problems, but people just want cute pets with small paws or a strange muzzle.
20 Things That Exist Because of the Stupid of People
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  • IT support in 90% of cases. As the person who did this, I can say that most of the problems are solved by rebooting the computer or a short request in Google.  rijento / reddit
  • The self-service refueling operator is mainly needed only to press the stop button when people try to pull the hose out of the tank without shutting off the gas supply.
  • The only reason that the ATM first returns the card to you, and then gives the money out, is because otherwise many will simply forget it.  SlothMaestro69 / reddit
  • Most safety rules.

Caution! Sharp plant, please do not eat

  • Coaching. I do not deny that there are people who give useful motivating advice, but for the majority it comes down to something like this: “I tried this simple solution, and it worked. You need to try it too. Buy my book and you can read it. ”  _ONI_Spook_ / reddit
  • I worked in a building in which ventilation and air conditioning were designed so as not to make any noise. People began to complain that they did not work, and the owners had to place devices simulating the sounds of blowing air everywhere.  unknown / reddit
  • Network marketing. I was a stupid teenager and went for an interview. Despite the lack of a resume, I was immediately offered a position. All that was needed was to buy knives for $ 600, and then go and sell them. It looked profitable, and I decided to make a ton of money, but my father did not allow it. I was very angry with him.  TechyDad / reddit
20 Things That Exist Because of the Stupid of People
  • Paparazzi are probably the closest professional equivalent of cancer. I hate to use that description, but I feel it’s necessary to emphasize the amount of hardship and (literal) danger they pose to the people they’re stalking Zerole00 / reddit
  • However, the things that can be discovered by shitty lab standards have now been discovered, and this isn’t a good reason to keep a shitty disorganised lab. Jajaninetynine / reddit

20 Things That Exist Because of the Stupid of People

  • Every day I try to leave a safe following distance when I drive. Then some angery person decides that they don’t want to be stuck behind me, driving at the speed limit, they’d rather be stuck behind the guy in front of me, also driving at the speed limit. VeganVagiVore / reddit

Can you add something to this list?


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