20+ Unusual Customers That Everyone Was Watching In An American Supermarket

For a person with imagination, free from stereotypes, every day can be a holiday, the main thing is to want. Such people every day attract attention, cause a smile and charge others with their positive.


We have collected photos of people who, by their very appearance, cheered everyone in the supermarket.

I wonder what it would be like to style this hairstyle?

Apply a mask and go shopping right away: how great is it to combine useful

When I came to shop incognito


Without your iguana and shopping is not a joy

It seems that we still need to tell people in camouflage that we see them

If you want to be a princess


Comfortable shoes for everyone

Spider-Man walked through the hypermarket universes

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you are a ballerina at heart

Above is a gentleman – below is a princess

Perhaps the cutest customer


Nothing fancy, just lunch with your pikachu

Even an Alien has to clean up before the New Year

Michelangelo came for pizza


A true patriot

Miss Zen

These people dress as they please and show tremendous courage: they have a lot to learn. Would you be able to come to the store in pajamas or with a mask on your face?

Photo by People of Walmart

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