25 People Who Have Very Emergency Every Day

Does life seem boring and monotonous to you? The heroes of this collection would love to swap places with you to take a break from burning washing machines, violent tigers and flying in trees.

Happy Worthy Life collected 25 photos, each of which is a ready-made plot for a special news release.

A surprise… but an unwelcome one, to be sure.

When ready for anything, just to not go to school

I wonder what the driver was hoping for?

25 People Who Have Very Emergency Every Day

Just got really close to having a bad afternoon.

“Honey, I broke the bank.”

Do not try to repeat it.

When I locked up with a girl’s phone in the bathroom

A clear explanation of why women live longer than men

And one more reason

“For the first time I decided to wash. In my opinion, something went wrong. “

“I climbed into the attic and found a hornet’s nest”

Went up

“A colleague decided to take a photo with porcupine”

“A bee flew into my car”

When I decided to take a selfie with a “friendly” cat

Stopping by the beach wasn’t a good idea.

It seems that someone was left without dinner

How did she get there?

“Captain, the forest is straight ahead!”

This birthday will definitely be remembered for a long time

“I was driving when I realized that something was wrong with the car”

“Go to the cops,” they said. “It will be cool,” they said

Did something equally extreme happen to you?

Photo Nowistight / Imgur

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