25+ Ridiculous Things Everyone Does Even The Son of My Mother’s Friend

We tend to do strange things: talk to ourselves, sing in the shower, dance on the street while no one sees. This list of habits with greetings is endless. But, what is most surprising, most people are embarrassed to admit their eccentricities, or, on the contrary, consider them absolutely normal.


Upon arrival home, we can sit for a long time with our pants down and stick

25+ Ridiculous Things Everyone Does Even The Son of My Mother's Friend

Putting the egg shells back into the package

25+ Ridiculous Things Everyone Does Even The Son of My Mother's Friend

While we wash and brush our teeth, we have time to wash the entire sink.

25+ Ridiculous Things Everyone Does Even The Son of My Mother's Friend

We hear extraneous noise in the apartment when we take a shower. We immediately turn off the water, open the door and begin to listen

Putting your finger in the mouth of a cat when it yawns


Take food out of the fridge as soon as possible before the beep sounds

Scrolling through the feed with photos of successful friends on social networks with such an expression


We wrap circles or take strange positions during a telephone conversation

talking on the phone...^_^

In a panic, we put the goods in a package at the checkout so as not to delay the queue

Queueing in Tesco Sunday morning

When looking for a parking spot, for some reason we turn down the volume of the music and lean forward to see better

In the metro, we look into the tunnel while waiting for the train – as if it would arrive at the station faster



When entering a store (or any other public place), we try to grab the doorknob in a place. You never know who touched it before!

Fooling around in the elevator when we ride alone

Turn off the microwave one second before the end of its work


Before going to bed, we always count the number of hours left before waking up

Every time we feel guilty and try not to leave behind when we go into the room where the cleaning lady washes the floor

Cleaning lady

While reading a book, we read one word incorrectly, then we re-read the entire sentence. Otherwise, reading on is simply impossible!

When we return home for a forgotten thing, we are too lazy to take off our shoes and run into the room on tiptoe. Or we go for other tricks

Having decided to watch movie at home, we eat the entire snack before the opening film

When we drive in a stream of cars, we feel a kind of kinship with those people who have the same car brand.

We listen our sent audio messages

Do you now also lean your head on your left hand and recognize yourself in this article?

Becoming the Expert

Maybe you have something to add? Share with us the oddities that you noticed in yourself.

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