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10+ Men’s Things That Modern Women Find Most Attractive

The division of things into male and female is becoming more and more arbitrary. If you ignore the rules and go to the men’s things, you can find real treasures there for your own wardrobe and wallet. The girls told what men’s things they will no longer part with.

We is always for easy ways to save. Readers will probably be surprised at the difference between the male and female.

1. Jeans are cheaper than women and fit perfectly

  • I bought these jeans 10 years ago, they belong to my husband. I have 40th size, he has 48th, so I borrowed a belt from him too. But I know a cool life hack in case there is no belt: feel free to take old tight black tights, cut in half and use instead of a belt. I assure you, no one will ever guess what it is so black you can see at your waist. YouTube
  • I went jeans shopping with my boyfriend. I didn’t find anything that fit well, he found a few things. All my jeans were over $40. At the same store, all of his were $15-30. Lucky me, he went to grab one without trying it on and it was wrongly marked. It was a 24 32 (he is a 30 32, and doesn’t really pay attention to double checking sizes while shopping).
  • So we get home and this morning he asked if I would have time to exchange it. We joked about it being a feminine size since it’s so small and I tried it on. They fit me PERFECTLY. It’s a boyfriend jean fit but the hips and ass fit like a glove. So, no need to return them, I hadn’t found any jeans in the women’s section but these $15 jeans at the same store fit me and are now mine! Stop shopping in women’s if you don’t want a skinny jean, the men’s section is wonderful and much less expensive! winedrunkduck / Reddit

2. Razors last longer, although they cost about the same, and shaving gel is cheaper

  • Shaving gel for men is cheaper and usually sold in larger containers. For example, Barbasol costs $ 1.69, and Barbasol for women costs $ 2.49. Men’s razors work better and last longer, although they cost the same. ke1bell / Reddit
  • I switched to men’s razors a few years ago and have never regretted it. Cheap, no frills, and they are more efficient. You can get 10 razors for the price of one Venus razor. It would be fun to calculate how much money I have saved over the past 15 years.  coffee_for_dinner / Reddit

3. Male deodorant more effective and more economical

  • Buy men’s deodorant/antiperspirant. There is more of it and it costs less than the puny stick advertised for women. After my girlfriend took a stick from my twin pack I got for 7$, she has not had to buy another stick for months. This has saved her a good amount of money. CerealGuy_69 / Reddit
  • My boyfriend and I use one deodorant. It is more effective, and the aroma is good – mint and fresh. Such a flavor is better at interrupting the smell of sweat than a deodorant with the smell of flowers or honey. Lykkel1ten / Reddit

4. Barbershop copes with short female haircuts

  • Ladies with short hair, go get a haircut at the barbershop. Masters in such salons are very good, and a haircut often costs less. You don’t have to be a man to cut your hair there. Just call in advance to clarify the policy on women, or look in their group for any haircuts. When I went to the barbers, they were very friendly and welcoming. doxie_mama17 / Reddit

5. Knitwear and sweaters are better and contain less synthetic fibers

  • It got colder, and I began to look for outerwear and sweaters. I went to the page of men’s sweaters of my favorite brand and found that none of them have synthetic fibers. All female models contained synthetic mixtures. The same thing happened with the coat, only 1 out of 4 in the female category turned out to be woolen, in the male category – all but one. It just infuriated me. I am sure that this is not the only store that does this. oni_bear / Reddit
  • I studied fashion production in school. You are 100% correct that men’s clothes are better quality than women’s. The reason for this is that men’s clothes are usually simpler so they are able to manufacture higher quality items for the same price. This is because: fewer steps are needed in the production process (women’s clothes have more additional things like embroidery, ruffles, etc), patterns don’t need to be switched out as often (don’t need to stop and start production), similar patterns means that less fabric goes to waste so they are able to get more out of the fabric they buy. seh_23 / Reddit

6. Outerwear and jackets equipped with comfortable pockets and functional details

  • I was looking for a winter coat in the women’s section, each model had only 2 small pockets for hands, which are unlikely to fit gloves or a hat. I went into the men’s department and saw models with many pockets and better quality. emgoog4 / Reddit

7. Men’s pajamas are warmer and more comfortable

10+ Men's Things That Modern Women Find Most Attractive
  • Women get more choice, but men often get better quality! My boyfriend got some pyjama bottoms for Xmas just there, and gave them to be because they were winter weight ones and he’s a human radiator. They are AMAZING. Way thicker. Softer. Long enough. Don’t shrink. Big pockets. And they were so cheap! I’m never going back to women’s PJs. harlar / Reddit
  • Men’s pajamas are the most comfortable. I have a couple that I stole from my ex. I put them on when I have a cold, because they have huge pockets in which you can store sweets. Meow _-_ Meow / Reddit

8. A hanger for ties is perfect for storing bras

9. Men’s perfumes can be a discovery for lovers of woody scents

  • I wear Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue every day. Both men and women often praised my perfume, but none of them knew that it was a cologne. This is my favorite smell, and I think everyone can smell whatever they want. ashe_vern / Reddit
  • I used to love CK summer for men’s till they changed it (I think they change it every summer but i might be wrong lol). CK Air for men’s is my current fave. I hate female scents because they tend to smell very sweet? knimnig / Reddit
  • My favorite perfume is Victor & Rolf Spicebomb. It is bottled in the form of a grenade and smells divine. No one ever said that I smell like a man.  babardook / Reddit

10. Tool case – an alternative to a cosmetic bag

11. Men’s cosmetics contain the same ingredients but are cheaper

  • I was looking for new skin care products and studied formulations. It turned out that the female eye cream for $ 72 contains exactly the same ingredients as the male eye cream for $ 40, although one company produces them. Double the price for a product for women. I advise you to buy male versions, they often do not even smell, but they are the same in composition.  losangelesultimate / Reddit

12. Wallets are more minimalistic

  • Women’s wallets have several branches and a lot of cute jewelry that make it difficult to use, while men’s wallets are a great functional tool. I use a men’s wallet for most of my adult life.  poopoopmagoo / Reddit

13. T-shirts fit better and have more interesting prints.

  • I remember there was a store in Canada where the quality and material of women’s white t-shirts were worse than men’s, but they were sold at the same price. As a result, the case ended in scandal, the owners lost their business.  Deleted / Reddit
  • I stole a couple of T-shirts from my husband, and they turned out to be really of the best quality. The difference is so great that from now on I will buy in the men’s department too. Geetuss / Reddit

And what men’s things do you prefer?

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