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15+ Cases When Girls Made Repairs With Their Own Hands And It Turned Out No Worse Than Professionals

The fact that it is expensive and difficult to repairs. But there are girls who are not afraid of difficulties: they took it up on their own and succeeded. Armed with spatulas and rollers, the fair sex proved to everyone that you can change any interior beyond recognition, if you wish.


We found on the Internet examples of an amazing transformation of the environment, made by the hands of girls who were not afraid of overwork.

1. “I designed this tiny office to replace an old closet in the hallway.”

2. “I am proud that I made this recreation area with my own hands. It cost quite a bit “

3. “I painted the wood white and wallpaper to add some flavor. Now I am planning to buy golden accessories to highlight the picture “

4. “I decided to paint one wall in some interesting way. Here’s what happened “

5. “Everything on this balcony was done with four female hands: mine and my sisters.”

6. “I did it! There will be no vacation, but there is a balcony – and for only RUB 1 thousand. “

7. “While I was in the army, my girlfriend made an imitation of brickwork in our kitchen with her own hands. I am proud “

8. When designing my home office I really wanted to eliminate clutter! This small desk from Ikea really helps me from over crowding it! I also work a very creative job so I love creating a neutral space.


9. “While I was sick, I finished a little renovation of the balcony.”

10. “I rented an office, renovated it myself. I am glad “

11. “This is how my room looks now, where I made repairs and updated all the furniture.”

12. Considering marble-look shower wall and light wood-look floor tile for small bathroom. Thoughts?

speechlessspinach / instagram

13. “The ceiling has not been completed yet, but there is no strength to endure. It turned out to be cool, I am jubilant and do not believe at the same time “

14. “How do you like ‘before and after’? Parents’ doors “


15. I was lying one Sunday evening, nothing to trouble, when suddenly I urgently needed shelves in niches.

Have you ever tried DIY repairs? Share the result.

Photo by Svinina / Twitter

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