15 People Who Overdid a bit with Photoshop in Pursuit of Perfect Image

It turns out that selfie became the word of 2013 according to the Oxford English Dictionary. And selfie fashion will soon take over the whole world. After all, the page on Instagram is no longer just entertainment and a desire to show oneself to the world, but a new actual business platform. And in order for your business to move forward, the photos in your account must be perfect. But in the pursuit of a “tasty” picture, many forget about reality and make fatal mistakes by the standards of the Internet.

Happy Worthy Life once again came across photos of people who wanted to look so good in the frame that they overdid it with Photoshop and all kinds of filters.

On the left is what the host posted on the page, on the right is the photo in the official account of the show

Nice girl, but ruined everything with filters

Clouds seem to haunt her everywhere

That’s what a life giving corset does, well, filters

“My stylist warned me that hair color may look unrealistic in a photograph taken for instagram”

Three years on Instagram turned a cute girl into this

It doesn’t seem like that much difference, but still

Using filters, you can now change even ethnicity

Classic Instagram example Reality

Girl, what happened to your nose?

He uploaded a bunch of pics at once, didn’t notice an oopsie while editing this one.

Reflection never lies

Hips so good they’ve got an aura around them

Most (if not all) of his photos look as natural as a mannequin

Bonus: how filters work

Do you use photoshop or filters on your photos? Or upload pictures as is?

Preview Photo Credit  MoeApple2 / reddit

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