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17 Things From The Past That Came as a Real Surprise For Their New Owners

The past has always attracted people and will continue to beckon, because it is so interesting to know how and what our predecessors lived, what they used and what they dreamed of. Therefore, each find, even if it returns us only 10 years ago, becomes very valuable. The heroes of today’s collection have discovered things from different times, but for all these items were pleasant surprises.

We at Happy Worthy Life also managed to find real treasures of our grandparents’ houses, so we know what different emotions can be experienced at this moment.

“We live in a house that we bought a few years ago. It was built in the late 1940s. I made renovations on the 1st and 2nd floors and it was the basement’s turn. Taking apart a ceiling, I came across a box. A big surprise awaited me inside. “

“I work on the railroad. Once in a tunnel, I found this beverage box in almost perfect condition. The date on it is June 16, 1988 “

A school security guard found the purse stuck between the lockers, but had no idea it had been there since the 1950s. It contained things that helped to look at the life of adolescents of that time.

I accidentally discovered there are fossils in the creek behind my house and this is the stuff I found freediving today.

“My mom still has my baby silverware. I’m 36″

“A letter came to my family’s bakery with 1974 stamps.”

I found a twig I stole from the White House 11 years ago as a kid

Vintage board games found in an attic of new house.

1999 CD with 500 hours of free internet

“This is what has been in the backyard of my fiance’s house since the 1990s. “

“I found something interesting”

“Found a ‘fossil’ in the parking lot of a pet store”

“Found a 2011 MacBook Pro at a relative’s house. The laptop never opened “

“I came across a $ 1 coin issued in 1882”

Anyone know Freddy Marr age 6 from London so we can let him know his msg was found in Denmark?

“I found this rather old compass in my grandparents’ house.”

Have you found any interesting things from the past?

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