20+ Creators People Who Has Design And Sew Clothes by Themselves

People are divided into two types. It is easier for the first to throw out the old thing and buy a new one, for the second – to remake the old one or to sew this new one himself. And the point is not that the former are lazy, but that the latter are creators. They might be happy not to try, but the needle itself jumps into their hands, and the ideas of new outfits just creep into their heads.

We admire sewing masterpieces and we want you to have the opportunity to see them and get inspired.

I made myself a gathered skirt! It’s like 90% handsewn with felled seams and a handsewn blind hem and I love it very much

“Sometimes when an idea comes to mind and you don’t know where to go from it. The idea captured me, and in 2 days I made this skirt “

20+ Creators People Who Has Design And Sew Clothes by Themselves

“I made my very first historical costume, inspired by the 18th century, from flour sacks and old curtains. Self-pattern, handmade and embroidery “

Made one of those “my rich husband died of mysterious circumstances” robes and I’ve never felt more powerful

 I made a dress out of old thrifted lace curtains and scrap lining!

“I made a dress from a sheet for 3 dollars.”

“I made it out of 2 men’s shirts”

20+ Creators People Who Has Design And Sew Clothes by Themselves
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“My T-shirt was boring, so I embroidered Michelangelo’s David on it.”

Apron dress by fabrics-store

“Sewed a dress for a homecoming meeting”

“I figured , painted and sewed this dress. I thought it would be cool if flowers and lanterns were placed inside the tulle. My grandmother helped everything. It is quite heavy, weighing about 4.5 kg. “

I’m making Belle’s ball gown and it’s getting too big for my apartment!

“It took several months to create this dress , I worked on it between school and work when I had a free minute.”

“I made myself a wedding dress. Not perfect, but this is exactly what I wanted “

“I hand embroidered a map of the starry sky on jeans.”

“I made a gold dress for my precious daughter for the prom.”

“The engagement dress I designed and created”

Self drafted bomber jacket. I saw the fabric and knew I had to make something. 

“A homemade blouse made of silk and an antique lace collar. I love Edwardian fashion and try to incorporate it into my wardrobe. “

Did you manage to sew or knit anything yourself?

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