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8 Personality Disorders in Apartment

What are you paying attention to when you visit a friend? Some analyze the decoration of the apartment, others locate the books placed (or not) on the shelf, then there are those who will focus on the pet of the host. But few people linger on the disorder, while he can say a lot about the person, and even reveal his complexes.

Happy Worthy Life analyzed the meanings of the disorder in the different parts of the apartment (and not that), thanks to the contribution of the  clinical psychologist Arina Aksenova and with the help of  publications on the subject. But keep in mind that one can not make conclusions about a person’s mental disorder just by looking at the way things are arranged at home.

1. The entrance

8 Types Of Disorder In An Apartment That Can Reveal The Complexes Of Its Occupant

The bazaar next to the door or in the lobby conceals social anxiety. By letting a bag, a plastic bag, an umbrella or others hang around in this part of the apartment, the person tries to protect himself from others. This person has trouble meeting new people and he feels uncomfortable in large groups of friends. It can also be evidence of chronic fatigue and the desire to get rid of all worries as soon as possible to rest.

2. The kitchen

8 Types Of Disorder In An Apartment That Can Reveal The Complexes Of Its Occupant

A ton of dishes in the sink and a dirty worktop can mean a neurosis and an unstable emotional state. It is likely that the occupant of the apartment whose kitchen is congested suffers from anxiety or depression. In the latter case, the person must constantly surpass himself to perform simple actions such as going to the shower and do the dishes.

Another version also exists: the slut is narcissistic and carefree. Between “I have” and “I can”, he chooses the second option (and leaves dirty dishes for later). Often, this kind of person lives from day to day.

3. Office drawers

8 Types Of Disorder In An Apartment That Can Reveal The Complexes Of Its Occupant

The clutter and chaos in the desk drawers in a perfectly tidy apartment betray the perfectionist. Did you notice that at your friend’s house? Most likely, he tries to please everyone and be just perfect. It may be that the person has unrealistic expectations who  put angry when she is unable to achieve its objectives.

4. The office

8 Types Of Disorder In An Apartment That Can Reveal The Complexes Of Its Occupant

An overworked desk can be a sign of creativity or childishness and a tendency to put things off. An office where everything is in its place, or where all the objects are grouped according to a distinctive sign (color, size, shape etc.) reveals with a high degree of probability a maniacal person. This individual is usually very scrupulous, all objects around him have a specific place. Things classified by colors can hide an anxious person “control freak  .

5. The bed

8 Types Of Disorder In An Apartment That Can Reveal The Complexes Of Its Occupant

A person whose bed recalls a discharge of clothes, cosmetics, books or dirty dishes has encountered difficulties in his life. This can hide a quarrel or conflict with one’s loved one: the person takes  bad habits (and especially, clutter his bed) to get away from his personal problems. And there is a tendency to overload one’s pen with useless things because it is no longer perceived as a romantic place.

6. The window and the ledges

If the dust collects on the window sills and the tiles are dirty, it means that the person feels safe from the outside world thanks to this almost invisible protection. The lack of motivation to remove this barrier can hide a depression or a reluctance to project into the future. These individuals often live in the past, but they turn out to be interesting and sensitive interlocutors.

7. Balcony / garage

8 Types Of Disorder In An Apartment That Can Reveal The Complexes Of Its Occupant

Some people love to clutter their balconies or garages with unnecessary objects. This hides fears: the lack and the shortage push us to store, we always think that such an object will serve us one day and we prefer to keep it for later. Thus, piling up junk makes it possible to fight against phobias and fears by creating an illusion of security. When you have trouble getting rid of old things, it is a sign of anxiety and difficulty making decisions. This is most likely the cause of this compulsive stacking.

8. All the apartment

8 Types Of Disorder In An Apartment That Can Reveal The Complexes Of Its Occupant

When a person arranges a landfill where it does not need to be (under the bed, behind the sofa or under the coffee table, in a corner), it means that it depends on the opinion of others. The apartment is overall clean and tidy, but several t-shirts are constantly hanging on the back of a chair? Clean and dry things can not move from the clothesline to the closet for several days? Delaying routine tasks can be one of the manifestations of passive-aggressive behavior . So the reason for the disorder is the anger that the individual is trying to control.

The clutter of a particular place is a sign of rigidity and therefore inability to adapt to the situation. If a person piles up unnecessary things, it means that she lives in the past and can not move on. This way of proceeding (just like an apartment that would need some small jobs) can also be evidence of a weak will or lack of tenacity and difficulty in setting goals.

Bonus: Does the household help solve problems?

8 Types Of Disorder In An Apartment That Can Reveal The Complexes Of Its Occupant

Mechanical gestures (washing dishes, washing windows, sorting things) take us away from hardships that we do not want to overcome in our lives. Cleaning the house in a reasonable and constructive way (and not in an obsessive-compulsive way) makes it possible to forget for a moment the difficult situations. But we must understand that the worries and conflicts that we encounter will not disappear magically after storage. This procedure moves the problem to a later date and avoids fixing it immediately.

If the household is always at two o’clock in the morning or the same rites are repeated day after day, this kind of compulsive cleaning of the apartment is an indication of anxiety. The individual tends to be perfectionist and want to control everything.

And you, have you ever noticed a link between the disorder in the apartment and the personality traits of its occupant? How do you feel about the bazaar in a room? Do not hesitate to give us your opinion and to share your experience in the comments!

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