10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation

Home-formed habits can help you have beautiful skin and healthier hair.

During the isolation period, many people get bored because they do not meet friends, colleagues … However, you can take advantage of this valuable time to “refurbish” beauty. Many beauty experts say women can improve their skin thanks to the habits established during the time at home.

No makeup

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation
Harper’s Bazaar.

When indoors, women often do not have the need for heavy makeup. Foundation or concealer are unnecessary steps. Therefore, they accidentally create conditions for the skin to rest, avoiding clogged pores – the main cause of acne. According to experts, your skin may be cleaner and brighter after 3 weeks without makeup. “Thick makeup on your face 8-9 hours can make your face face problems,”

Avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation

When moving from home to work, you can not avoid being exposed to ultraviolet rays despite being carefully shielded. It can creep through many layers of clothing and cause your skin to age quickly. Therefore, sitting at home will help protect your skin from harmful substances. However, sister associations should still keep the habit of applying a thin layer of sunscreen because ultraviolet rays can also penetrate glass, curtains

Lazy wash hair

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation
Japan Info.

Shampooing often takes away the natural oils, making hair more prone to split ends. To avoid acne when you are lazy wash your hair, you should bun neatly or do any way to avoid sticking to the face hair. “Reducing the frequency of shampooing will make the hair’s natural oils appear. This oil may make you look ugly but it is rich in nutrients, helping the hair to be stronger,”

Do not touch the hair dryer

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation
Kelture Aveda.

Because it is not hurry, sister society tends to let the hair dry naturally. This helps restore hair, smooth and less damaged. In fact, dryers work to evaporate water quickly. As a result, your hair will be frizzy and split when faced with great heat. The biggest mistake that sisters often make is drying their hair right after washing. Wet hair will take a long time to dry. This hardens the epidermis and makes the hair more prone to breaking.

Eat healthy

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation
Andreea Raicu.

When you’re at class or at work, it’s often inevitable that you will be able to hang out with restaurant gatherings. Fast foods, junk foods that are greasy, cause acne. Meanwhile, you can spend more time in the kitchen and cook healthier food for yourself and the whole family. Remember to add plenty of vegetables, tubers, fruits to the skin is loaded with vitamins and looks brighter. 

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  • 7 Types of People That Mosquitoes Simply Adore

    Summer is great! We’ll always have summer. But no one is safe from heat and dust, but not everyone has the same chance of being bitten by mosquitoes.

    We analyzed what kind of people mosquitoes love the most. And at the end of the article we placed recommendations on how to protect yourself from annoying insects.

    What kind of people mosquitoes especially like

    Mosquitoes have their own top favorites. When choosing, they focus not only on the blood group , but also on clothing preferences, activity level and other factors.

    1. Lovers of dark clothes

    7 Types of People That Mosquitoes Simply Adore

    Oddly enough, mosquitoes are finicky in our wardrobe. They prefer to “hunt” for lovers of black and dark shades. If you go on a forest trip or marshland, choose outfits of light shades. This will not protect you from bites completely, but they will attack you much less often.

    2. Colds

    7 Types of People That Mosquitoes Simply Adore

    Mosquitoes are more likely to bite the poor man, who managed to catch a cold in the midst of the hot season. This is because these insects are able to determine the metabolic rate and body temperature. The higher it is, the more likely it is to get a bite.

    3. Athletes

    7 Types of People That Mosquitoes Simply Adore

    With lovers of a healthy lifestyle, mosquitoes work the same principle as described in the previous paragraph. In athletes, metabolism is accelerated: the temperature rises , and lovers of healthy lifestyle turn into a tasty trick. Let’s not forget that the bloodsucker attracts the smell of sweat.

    4. Gardeners

    Insects are sensitive to carbon dioxide, which is released when we spend energy (for example, running or working in the garden). The more energetic you are, the more mosquitoes attract.

    5. Pregnant

    7 Types of People That Mosquitoes Simply Adore

    Ladies in the summer will have a little more difficult. They seem blood-sucking more attractive than women who are not going to become mothers in the foreseeable future. The fact is that pregnant women have a higher temperature. They have rapid breathing, which means that more carbon dioxide is released.

    6. People with a large body mass index

    Large-bodied people like mosquitoes more than slender personalities. They also emit more carbon dioxide, so the risk of getting an itchy bite increases.

    How to reduce mosquitoes bite to enjoy in the summer

    • Cover your legs and head. These parts of the body mosquitoes like, because they have more sweat glands.
    • Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume can protect you from mosquitoes. As part of the experiment, scientists used them to attract insects (previously it was believed that insects respond to floral aromas). Very surprised of scientists when it turned out that this perfume better protected against mosquito attacks than a number of repellents!
    7 Types of People That Mosquitoes Simply Adore
    • Brush the plate with oil and place it in the room – mosquitoes will be on it.
    • Try to be indoors at dawn and dusk. At this time of day, mosquitoes are most active .
    • Change the water more often . Stagnant water is a favorite habitat for mosquitoes, so change it in a timely manner in children’s pools, buckets and other containers.
    • The electronic song “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” reduces host attack and mating success in the dengue vector Aedes aegypti
    7 Types of People That Mosquitoes Simply Adore

    • Choose places for walking wisely: mosquitoes find it harder to fly with a wind of 0.44 m / s or more. A picnic in an open area or in the mountains will attract fewer mosquitoes than in a lowland.
    • If you are indoors, direct the flow of air from the air conditioner or fan to the lower body. Mosquitoes fly close to the ground to avoid wind. Artificial wind at the bottom of the room will prevent their appearance.

    And how do you escape from mosquitoes?


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