10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation

Home-formed habits can help you have beautiful skin and healthier hair.


During the isolation period, many people get bored because they do not meet friends, colleagues … However, you can take advantage of this valuable time to “refurbish” beauty. Many beauty experts say women can improve their skin thanks to the habits established during the time at home.

No makeup

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation
Harper’s Bazaar.

When indoors, women often do not have the need for heavy makeup. Foundation or concealer are unnecessary steps. Therefore, they accidentally create conditions for the skin to rest, avoiding clogged pores – the main cause of acne. According to experts, your skin may be cleaner and brighter after 3 weeks without makeup. “Thick makeup on your face 8-9 hours can make your face face problems,”

Avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation


When moving from home to work, you can not avoid being exposed to ultraviolet rays despite being carefully shielded. It can creep through many layers of clothing and cause your skin to age quickly. Therefore, sitting at home will help protect your skin from harmful substances. However, sister associations should still keep the habit of applying a thin layer of sunscreen because ultraviolet rays can also penetrate glass, curtains

Lazy wash hair

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation
Japan Info.


Shampooing often takes away the natural oils, making hair more prone to split ends. To avoid acne when you are lazy wash your hair, you should bun neatly or do any way to avoid sticking to the face hair. “Reducing the frequency of shampooing will make the hair’s natural oils appear. This oil may make you look ugly but it is rich in nutrients, helping the hair to be stronger,”

Do not touch the hair dryer

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation
Kelture Aveda.

Because it is not hurry, sister society tends to let the hair dry naturally. This helps restore hair, smooth and less damaged. In fact, dryers work to evaporate water quickly. As a result, your hair will be frizzy and split when faced with great heat. The biggest mistake that sisters often make is drying their hair right after washing. Wet hair will take a long time to dry. This hardens the epidermis and makes the hair more prone to breaking.


Eat healthy

10+ Good Habits Help You Beautiful Skin and Healthier Hair After Isolation
Andreea Raicu.

When you’re at class or at work, it’s often inevitable that you will be able to hang out with restaurant gatherings. Fast foods, junk foods that are greasy, cause acne. Meanwhile, you can spend more time in the kitchen and cook healthier food for yourself and the whole family. Remember to add plenty of vegetables, tubers, fruits to the skin is loaded with vitamins and looks brighter. 


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  • 8 Weird Rules For Pregnant Women That Have Never Been Heard Abroad

    Pregnant women should not pet the cat, cut their hair, look at the ugly and sit with their legs crossed. In our country, inexperienced expectant mothers are still frightened with such horror stories, but in fact, rarely anyone follows these advice. Nevertheless, our girls who are expecting a baby can surprise foreign women very much.

    Hide pregnancy until the last

    In our country, pregnancy is something very personal, and many women prefer to hide their situation until it becomes obvious. If people around them begin to guess that their friend is expecting a child, asking about it directly is considered very tactless.

    Most people try not to buy a lot of things until the baby is born, except for the most necessary things. And even this necessary is usually chosen when the deadlines are already running out. And parties “baby shower”, at which the expectant mother is inundated with gifts for the baby are rare here, like the Amur tiger.

    Special privileges in public places

    Not all of our compatriots give way to pregnant women, but still such behavior is considered indecent. In most cases, when a woman appears on public transport, she will still be seated in position, even if all the seats are occupied. In Western countries, it will remain standing. Well, if she herself does not ask to give her a place.

    Long maternity leave

    The US is the only OECD country without a national statutory paid maternity, paternity or parental leave. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) enables some employees to take up to 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave but only 60% of workers are eligible.

    A smaller percentage of moms–16%–only take one to four weeks off work following childbirth. And the remaining third of new moms don’t take any time off at all, going back to work almost right away.

    You can’t go to childbirth with a bag

    This strange rule surprises not only foreigners, but also us. Until now, no one can give a clear explain of why it is impossible to take a bag to the hospital, but only a package. But someone say that this is for safety reasons: so that the baby is not taken out of the hospital.

    Home birth is almost impossible

    7 states do not license but make home birth midwifery illegal – Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Carolina and South Dakota.

    The percentage of home births increased from 0.84% in 2011 to 0.89% in 2012. This percentage has been increasing since 2004 (0.56%). The percentage of birthing center births increased from 0.36% in 2011 to 0.39% in 2012. This percentage has been increasing since 2004 (0.23%).

    The newborn cannot be shown until he is one month old

    It is believed that it is impossible to show a newborn during the 1st month of his life, and preferably 40 days. This is such a sign associated with the fact that the baby has just come from another world and needs to be cleansed of impurity. But many doctors welcome this superstition. The fact is that during the newborn period (28 days), the baby’s body is still fragile and quite susceptible to infections of any kind.

    • To be honest, I was very glad that there is a sign that prohibits showing a baby in the 1st month of his life. I was just so tired that the guests were definitely of no use to me. Naturally, the closest ones – grandparents – saw the child immediately after discharge.

    Strict diet while breastfeeding

    In our country, if a baby’s cheeks turn red or he becomes covered with a rash, the first thing the mother will be asked is what she has eaten so bad. Pediatricians literally force women to follow a strict diet, give up seafood, strawberries, chocolate, oranges and even cabbage, so that the child does not have colic and allergies.

    • In the USA, it is believed that you can eat everything, but you need to monitor the baby and exclude some foods in case of allergies. Similar recommendations are made in the UK .

    Hair must not be cut

    Hair should not be cut during pregnancy, as this will shorten the life of the unborn child. Of course, this is just superstition, and abroad, pregnant women cut their hair as they please.

    What surprised you during your pregnancy or when your loved ones were in a position?

  • The Art of Strengthening Female Immunity

    Immunity is really different in women and men. The immune system itself does not have gender characteristics, but it is closely related to the nervous and endocrine systems, and there are plenty of gender differences in them. Does this affect how to strengthen female or male immunity? Of course yes.

    The Art of Strengthening Female Immunity
    Getty Images

    If you were born a woman, then you should congratulate yourself, because you are the owner of a stronger immunity. Such a gift was made by nature in the course of evolution, protecting a woman from infections during childbirth. Female immunity is considered to be stronger due to the action of estrogen hormones, which provide a more active immune response to the penetration of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. But the male sex hormone testosterone, having an anti-inflammatory effect, suppresses the activity of the immune system and the production of antibodies, so even the immune response to the vaccine in men is weaker than in women.

    Women are less susceptible to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections, and according to some studies, even coronavirus is less likely than men. But there is also a downside to the action of female immunity: alas, the representatives of the fair half of humanity are more likely to suffer from autoimmune diseases, in which strong immunity attacks the body’s own cells.

    It would seem that with such a strong immunity, women can worry less about viral diseases. But female immunity also has its own vulnerabilities: any malfunction of the nervous or endocrine system significantly weakens the defenses of the woman’s body, and here the handicap is more likely on the side of men.

    Due to the nature of the nervous system, women are more susceptible to stress, as it turned out, even negative news reports contribute to the production of the stress hormone cortisol in the female body twice as intensely as in the male. Depression or neurosis seriously undermine the defenses of the female body and significantly increase the risk of contracting infectious diseases.

    In addition, female immunity depends on the state of hormonal balance. Any disturbance during stress, during the period of age-related hormonal changes, during perimenopause, menopause, and even monthly fluctuations in the balance in the direction of decreasing estrogen and increasing progesterone negatively affect immunity.

    Therefore, in strengthening female immunity, it is necessary to pay attention to two fundamentally important points. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate stress, and for this, use relaxation techniques, learn breathing practices (they work well in yoga classes), take an active rest, choose outdoor walks, do your favorite sports, try to maintain a sleep schedule, because melatonin produced in a dream plays important role in the body – it is a powerful antioxidant and immunostimulating hormone that restores the body during sleep. Vitamins of group B, folic acid, magnesium, selenium, vitamin D will help to withstand in the fight against stress.

    The second important point is that you need to monitor the state of the hormonal background. Maintain hormonal balance with vitamins, minerals and phytoestrogens – safe substances found in plants that can act as estrogen in the body. Phytoestrogens prolong youth and have a beneficial effect on women’s health. Do not forget to be sure to be observed by a gynecologist and endocrinologist.

    Special care for women’s health and immunity is provided by special women’s biocomplexes – they contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, as well as well-selected herbal ingredients that support the immune, endocrine and nervous systems.

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