35 Free Online Courses Will Help You From Consequences of Sedentary Lifestyle

Many believe that in order to find the figure of your dreams, you must definitely work hard in the gym with a trainer. However, in our age of digital technology, you can achieve equally effective results on your own, without even leaving your home.


We at Happy Worthy Life recommend 35 free online courses that help you from consequences of sedentary lifestyle. You should keep this list in order to effectively engage in fitness, yoga, stretching, meditation and psychology.


POPSUGAR Fitness . Video training is conducted by the best Hollywood fitness instructors. Classes lasting from 10 to 40 minutes

BeFit . Here you will find exercises for every taste: Pilates, dancing and even gymnastics with a small child.

FitnessBlender. Full-fledged training complexes, as well as videos for working out individual zones: how to get beautiful buttocks, a toned abs, thin arms and a lowered back.

Old Body Happy. Exercises are available for all muscle groups: for the abs, legs, arms, hips, back and buttocks. And also for weight loss.


KatyaENERGY. The channel was created by a mother of two children. The girl talks about how to quickly and effectively bring her body into shape, and offers sets of exercises for problem areas.

CLUB FITz. Here you will find dance classes that are held under the most popular foreign hits. Dancing will help to relax and tighten the body.

Love Sweat Fitness. The channel is the girl Keti, who has lost more than 20 kg. On her example, she talks about how to achieve the body of her dreams. It also provides recommendations on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


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SarahBethYoga. Yoga Yoga YouTube Channel Here you will find classes lasting from 5 to 30 minutes. Exercises of different difficulty levels are available.

Yoga with Kassandra. Workouts that are great for beginners. There is a separate 30-day challenge with exercises for each day lasting 10 minutes.


Yoga with adriene.  The channel offers training for both sexes and all ages. There are separate collections of Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for the Whole Body, and Yoga for Weight Loss. There is also a separate video course lasting 30 days with workouts of 20 minutes.

Kinoyoga. Classes are taught by the trainer Kino McGregor, who has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Here are videos with training for beginners, a detailed analysis of each pose and philosophical discussions about a healthy lifestyle.

Fightmaster yoga. A selection of exercises for every taste: cardio yoga, morning yoga, yoga before going to bed and for slim body. Video from 10 to 60 minutes.

Boho Beautiful. Here you will find trainings for working out a specific part of the body, as well as a full range of morning exercises.


Cosmic Kids Yoga. Cartoon yoga for children in English. Practical videos for training the body and developing mindfulness in babies.


35 Free Online Courses Will Help You From Consequences of Sedentary Lifestyle
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IMAGINE fitness. Video training for the general stretching of the whole body, as well as a set of exercises lasting 20–35 minutes.

Lazy Dancer Tips. The channel is led by a professional ballerina. Here you will find both relaxing workouts for stretching and sets of exercises to develop flexibility.

SM STRETCHING RUSSIA. How to maintain flexibility of the back and body, how to quickly sit on the twine without pain – you will find the answers to these questions on this channel.

Julia Smolnaya. It offers 5-minute classes for every day to sit on the longitudinal and transverse splits, as well as relaxing videos that show stretching exercises in bed and after active fitness training.

TrainLikeABallerina. The former ballerina will help you quickly sit on the twine and get a good stretch.

Stretching Press Club. The motto of this channel is “Nothing is impossible, no matter how old you are!”. Here you will find a video that explains how to warm up before sitting on the splits, sets of exercises for stretching your legs and back, and also find out what major mistakes people make during stretching.

Twine Effective stretching. What exercises should be done to sit on a longitudinal or transverse twine. Short video tutorials on how to properly pull different muscles so as not to harm your body.

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The lessons of meditation. Here you will find answers to key questions related to meditation. The channel will be useful to those who want to start practicing on their own.

Relaxing White Noise. The channel is designed for those who suffer from insomnia. Relaxing videos with thunder sounds, crackling bonfire, fan noise, and more.

Headspace. Meditation with instructions in English. Small videos will help you relax and recover after a long day, let go of restless thoughts and fall into a healthy sleep.

Meditation and Healing. An online channel that offers relaxing and healing music to enhance your meditation skills.

Pura Rasa. Here you will find various types of meditations, thanks to which you can get rid of insomnia and anxious thoughts, and you can also relax your body and mind.

Relaxation Armchair with Soothing. Norwegian Peder Helland creates original music for relaxation and uplifting.

The best music for meditation, yoga, relaxation and sleep. Collections of different music for meditation, yoga training, relaxation and sleep.


Practical Psychology. Practical Psychology in English. With the help of graphic illustrations, it is available to describe how different processes occur in our head, as well as give tips for personal development and a happy life in general.

SciShow Psych. Another popular science channel in English, which examines how the brain functions and the human psyche.

Hotpsychologies. Practicing psychologist Victoria Yushkevich in her videos addresses difficult moments in her personal life and family crises, and also helps to increase self-esteem and become more confident in herself.

Veronika Stepanova. An experienced psychologist advises patients on Skype. A woman examines the problems of family relationships, discusses pathopsychology, neurosis, conflict and their solutions.

Dmitry Karpachev. Here you can find answers to your questions about parenting and crises in family relationships.

SimplePsychology. Videos dedicated to the history of psychology and its various branches: general, differentiated, age, gender, behavioral, psychoanalytic, humanistic, zoopsychology, ethology and so on.

Andrey Kurpatov. Many lectures on various topics. Questions that the channel’s author touches on will be of interest primarily to ordinary people, not to specialists.

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