5 Common Mistakes in Coronavirus Prevention

In the face of the rapidly spreading coronavirus, the following mistakes accidentally increase your risk of infection. To protect your health, be alert to prevent disease.


Recently, the New York Times reported that a hospitalized patient in Wuhan, China, had transmitted the new coronavirus to at least 10 health workers and 4 other patients. This makes the outbreak of corona virus more and more complicated. In the face of these developments, we need to be alert and avoid the following habits to limit the risk of catching new pneumonia.

Mistake 1: Gathering crowded places

5 Common Mistakes in Coronavirus Prevention

Coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person through contact with infected body fluids. Therefore, just a cough or sneeze containing a person’s virus is enough to infect many healthy people. Covid-19 can also be spread by touching an object that the patient has touched before. Dirty hands containing viruses are accidentally put on the eyes, nose, and mouth, giving them a chance to enter the body.

Usually, a person infected with coronavirus has an incubation period of up to 14 days and the disease can be spread when the patient has no symptoms. Therefore, crowded places difficult to control the disease situation, you have a very high risk of infection because it is impossible to detect the disease.

Therefore, in the current epidemic outbreak, we should limit to crowded places, avoid gathering to protect ourselves from the risk of coronavirus infection.

The crowded queue to buy masks, hand wash is also a form of crowded places, which accidentally increases our risk of corona virus infection. To ensure your health, you should buy the products in sufficient quantities and choose the form of buying through some reputable e-commerce platforms, which have been tested for quality.

Mistake 2: Using masks for long periods of time without hygiene

Medical masks are recommended as one of the measures to help prevent corona virus infection. However, if we do not know how to use it, we will still be vulnerable to virus attacks without even knowing it.

5 Common Mistakes in Coronavirus Prevention

For medical masks, should change daily, do not wear both green (or black) – white together. The inner surface (usually white) has a hygroscopic effect, capturing droplets when you cough or sneeze. The outer surface is waterproof, preventing splashes from penetrating outside.


When using, masks must cover the nose and mouth and ensure there is no gap between your face and the mask. In addition, need to remove the mask from the back, do not touch the front; immediately put the mask in a covered trash can and wash your hands at the same time with soap, clean water, or an alcohol-based hand cleaner.

Mistake 3: Spreading fake news confusing

facing the rapid spread of coronavirus, many places appeared some puzzling fake news such as eating boiled eggs before 12 midnight on February 7 to avoid the disease; corona virus can be cured with garlic, the government has sprayed the vaccine with the plane … These rumors are completely false and make many people mistaken for a new pneumonia.

In accordance with the Law on Cyber ​​Security, cases of spreading rumors on social networks will be strictly punished. Many cases have been intervention authorities and administrative fines of up to $ 500-1000


To be well prepared during the epidemic season, you need to stay calm and alert before any unknown information, in addition to health protection measures. Trust information only from the Government, the Ministry of Health and other reputable and mainstream newspapers.

5 Common Mistakes in Coronavirus Prevention

Mistake 4: Storing unnecessary goods and medical equipment

5 Common Mistakes in Coronavirus Prevention

In early February, when the coronavirus started to explode, many people rushed to buy masks and hand sanitizers, causing prices of both items to rise. Many places sell masks that cost 50 times or even 100 times the regular price.

We should not store too many preventive medical devices (masks, hand wash, alcohol …) because this action is the cause of the scarcity, helping the units pushing prices. profiteering. Faced with this situation, authorities such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade directed production, and e-commerce exchanges have also entered and successfully stabilized the price of medical equipment.

On the other hand, the crowded queue to buy masks, hand wash is also a form of crowded places, making us increase the risk of corona virus infection. To ensure your health, you should buy products in sufficient quantities and choose to buy through some reputable e-commerce platforms, such as amazon, Ebay


Mistake 5: Hiding health status when having unusual symptoms

On 9/2, in Vinh Phuc, the case was positive for the 14th coronavirus of Vietnam. The 14th patient is Ms. NTY, 55 years old, self-employed in Son Loi Commune, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province. On January 28, Ms. Y. went to NTD’s home (another patient had been found positive for corona virus earlier) to wish Tet, stay for about 1 hour and then return.

This suggests that even a short exposure is highly likely to infect corona virus. Incubation period of patients infected with corona virus up to 14 days. Therefore, if you come in contact with a person suspected of corona virus infection, you should actively isolate for 2 weeks. In particular, it is necessary to inform health facilities about abnormal health conditions such as high fever, cough, shortness of breath, headache, fatigue … to promptly detect and treat.

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