5 things you should not do right after the end of self-isolation

You should not hope that life will immediately return to its former course.

We all wait until the moment when we can hug friends, have a party or go on a trip. But do not rush. Although in the world are observed the first signs of weakening isolation measures, the situation is still serious. The death toll every day is still measured in thousands. We still do not know much about coronavirus and do not have a vaccine.

Whatever rules you enter in your area, use common sense. Here’s what you definitely shouldn’t do.

1. Have party or go to bar

Social distance measures have been introduced for a reason: they slow down the spread of the virus from person to person. A big party or gatherings in a crowded bar is a lot of contacts. If at least one positive with SARS ‑ CoV ‑ 2, he can transfer it to everyone else.

“I want to remind you again: this is a very contagious virus. At social events and meetings, there is always a risk that an asymptomatic carrier will unknowingly become the spread of the disease, ” notes Deborah Birks, White House Coronavirus Coordinator. “Everyone who wants to pack up and have a party for 20 people, wait for now.”

2. Stop washing hands

Even when restrictions are loosened, it will not mean that the coronavirus is over. Many organizations and stores will have to be reopened for economic reasons, although the virus will still spread, albeit more slowly than now.

Remember that the goal of self-isolation and other preventative measures is to avoid crowded hospitals and overloading the healthcare system. So let the habit of washing your hands longer and more thoroughly remains with you. This is always important, especially after contact with a large number of people and surfaces in public places.

3. Immediately visit people at high risk

Surely you want to see older relatives as soon as possible , but do not rush into this. There will be no vaccine for a long time, and for people at risk, distancing is still the best way to protect. Before you go to them, think carefully about whether you really need this visit.

4. Start a big trip

When travel is allowed again, hotel and ticket prices are likely to be attractively low. But do not forget that at airports and train stations you will be in close proximity to a large number of people, which means that the risk of infection will greatly increase.

Even if you yourself do not get sick, you can spread the virus to the place where you arrive. If a new outbreak occurs, you are unlikely to want to be stuck in a foreign country or in some remote corner from which it is not clear how to get out.

5. Throw away masks

In the future, a new outbreak of coronavirus or even some completely new infection may await us. So reusable masks are definitely not worth throwing out. When travel restrictions are loosened, it is best to combine optimism with realism. Use freedom, but do not give up precautions.

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