7 Ways to Get in Shape Fast After Holidays

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How not to lose shape and painlessly survive the holidays, avoiding digestive problems and unnecessary headaches? Some refuse to pickles and sweets, others prefer to sleep longer, and still the next morning after any meal they run to the gym to remove toxins through sweat. But which of this really works?

Happy Worthy Life, together with Fibraxin, can figure out what to do if it is not easy for your body to return to normal after weekends and holidays.

1. From canned foods and pickles in the morning after the feast will only get worse

7 Ways to Get in Shape Fast After Holidays

Sauerkraut and pickles are products that are obtained during the process of natural fermentation (fermentation). Due to the content of probiotics, they improve digestion and help the immune system.

Tip: Include fermented foods in the diet a week before the New Year holidays. And during the holidays, rely on Fibraxin: it regulates intestinal motility and promotes the growth of normal intestinal microflora.


2. Cucumber pickle relieves hangover

7 Ways to Get in Shape Fast After Holidays

Cucumber and cabbage brines that do not contain acetic acid are considered useful for the body. They balanced potassium and sodium salts, contain vitamins and minerals that help accelerate the recovery of the body after a hangover.

Tip: Sour cabbage soup, dried fruit compote or hot tea with several teaspoons of honey and 1 lemon juice have a similar effect.


3. Vegetable smoothies and freshly squeezed juices improve the functioning of the stomach, intestines and liver

7 Ways to Get in Shape Fast After Holidays

Unlike smoothies, vegetables naturally retain dietary fiber, which is important for normal bowel function. Fibraxin will provide additional help: gastroenterologists recommend it to people who lack dietary fiber.

Freshly squeezed juice destroys tooth enamel, contains a lot of sugar, and in some cases disrupts the normal functioning of the stomach. A healthy alternative is herbal or green tea, and in order to quickly recover after a hangover, it is better to drink a glass of strong meat broth from bones.

Tip: It’s good to eat fresh vegetables at the beginning of the feast: they dull the appetite and contain a lot of fluids, which helps the kidneys and liver, which cleanse our body of toxins.


4. Hot bath and cold to remove toxins and have an invigorating effect

7 Ways to Get in Shape Fast After Holidays

When overeating, the processes inside the body occur differently: most of the oxygen goes to the digestive tract to digest food, the load on the pancreas, liver and gall bladder increases. In such a situation, a sharp change in external temperature can become a real threat to human health and life.


Tip: A safe alternative is a warm-cold shower and a magnesium bath, after which you feel better and your normal functioning is accelerated.

5. Active sports will help burn calories

7 Ways to Get in Shape Fast After Holidays

Active movements and cardio loads are contraindicated if the day before you ate more than the norm, especially if at normal times you do not lead a sporty lifestyle.

Tip: Try long leisurely walks in the fresh air, sledding from the hills or just half an hour stretching exercises. This will slightly speed up the metabolism, start the production of the hormone of joy and charge you with a good mood for the whole day.

6. From sweets only get better, especially on holidays

7 Ways to Get in Shape Fast After Holidays

The danger is artificial dyes, which are added to sweets and finished sweets. They cause allergic reactions and badly affect the liver, so during the New Year holidays it is worth seriously limiting children’s access to sweets.

For adults, on the contrary, it is useful to eat foods that contain a lot of sugar if they took alcohol the day before. An additional amount of glucose will help the body quickly restore normal functioning.

Tip: Instead of sweet buns and sweets, it’s better to break off half a bar of dark chocolate or eat a few tablespoons of natural honey.

7. Long and sound sleep is the best medicine

7 Ways to Get in Shape Fast After Holidays

The most difficult thing during the New Year holidays is to get enough sleep. People go to bed and wake up late, spend 10-12 hours in bed to gain strength, but in the morning they still feel overwhelmed.

Tip: In fact, it’s enough to follow just a few rules so that the dream really “heals”:

  • Do not force yourself to sleep a lot if your norm is only 6-7 hours.
  • Use a mask for sleeping.
  • If you are going to bed late, try to take a nap at least 30–40 minutes the day before.
  • The next day, give up coffee, tea and try to go to bed as early as possible.

Bonus: how else does fibraxin help your body

As a probiotic, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines to improve digestion and speed up metabolism.

As an additional source of iron, to control the growth of normal microflora and maintain systemic and local immuniaty.

As a source of plant fibers, which are necessary for normal intestinal motility.


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