Coronavirus: The number of coronavirus infections in Korea soared to 602, killing six people

South Korea added 46 new cases on the afternoon of February 23, bringing the total number of coronavirus infections in the country to 602.
The isolation center in South Korea says the number of corona-related deaths in the country has reached six.

The 6th death is recorded only hours after the 5th death.

The fifth victim is a 57-year-old Korean woman who died at Kyungpook National University Hospital while she was being treated for coronavirus infection.

This woman is the 38th confirmed case in Korea. She is thought to be related to the Shincheonji church in Daegu city – the place where most of the cases have been recorded. Of the 602 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Korea, 329 cases have been recorded in connection with the aforementioned church.

Health officials are examining the exact cause of the latest death. About 5,000 to 6,000 people in the country are being tested for coronavirus daily, officials said.

Protective workers are transporting a suspected corona virus patient to another hospital from Daenam Hospital in Cheongdo District, near Daegu City.

President Moon Jae In announced on February 23 that South Korea decided to raise the national level of alert to the highest level of the government’s efforts to cope with the corona virus outbreak.

“The next few days will be a very important period (to deal with the virus),” President Moon Jae In said.

Moon asked the government and local governments not to hesitate to use “unprecedented strong measures” to control the spread of the virus. These measures are described by Mr. Moon as possible “not limited by regulations”.

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