Coronavirus: The third person on Diamond Princess died, 773 cases of coronavirus infection in Japan

Japan on February 23 recorded a third death after being infected with the coronavirus on Diamond Princess. To date, the number of infections in Japan has reached 773.

According to Reuters , the third case was a Japanese man in his 80s.

Earlier, the first two deaths from passengers aboard Diamond Princess were also in their 80s.

Coronavirus: The third person on Diamond Princess died, 773 cases of coronavirus infection in Japan
Passengers are being removed from Diamond Princess.

The Japanese government is facing skepticism about whether it has done enough to stem the spread of the virus. As planned Tokyo is the venue for the 2020 Summer Olympics, held in July. Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said he will hold a meeting of experts on February 24 and build a key. core policy for disease prevention.

On February 22, Mr. Kato apologized after 23 passengers from Diamond Princess disembarked without proper inspection.

Mr. Kato also bowed his head to apologize for letting the virus infected women leave the Diamond Princess, which has been quarantined in Yokohama port since February 3. The woman disembarked on February 19 but later tested positive for coronavirus in Tochigi Prefecture north of Tokyo on February 22.

“We deeply regret that our operational fault has led to this situation,” Mr. Kato said, adding that the passengers would be checked again.

A number of countries have evacuated their nationals passengers from the Diamond Princess, although they will continue to be isolated in their home countries. The Japanese government also allowed some of its citizens to leave the ship to land, raising concerns about being able to spread the virus to others on the mainland.

There have been 634 virus infections recorded on the Diamond Princess, according to NHK . This makes it the largest outbreak outside of China . Four new cases were also confirmed on February 22, bringing the total number of coronavirus infections in Japan to 773, including cases on the Diamond Princess.

The US Department of State has raised travel alerts for its citizens to Japan to level 2 on a 4-point scale.

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