Does smoking affect the risk of getting coronavirus?

Tobacco smoke certainly won’t save you. It’s time to quit this addiction.

One of the myths about coronavirus is that smokers are less likely to become infected. It is not known where such a statement came from, but we can say with confidence that there is no reason to believe so. Rather, it’s quite the opposite. This confirms one recent study. Chinese doctors from Wuhan, which became the epicenter of COVID-19.

A study by doctors based on data from 78 patients showed that smokers had a 14% higher risk of developing pneumonia with COVID-19. This is especially true of elderly patients, in whom complications during the course of the disease are observed much more often.Lifehacker has a Telegram channel where we publish the latest information on the prevention and control of coronavirus. Subscribe!

Research also says no to smokers doctors from Spain, who a few years ago proved an increased risk of hospitalization due to smoking with the flu.

In other words, smoking can increase the risk of complications from a respiratory infection that can affect the human respiratory system. This also applies to COVID-19 disease, the course of which can be complicated by problems with mild and chronic ailments.

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