Hong Kong Detected a Series of Coronavirus Infections from a Temple

Hong Kong health officials on 2/2 discovered two more cases associated with a temple in the special zone. This site has had 6 patients positive for coronavirus in the past 1 month.


Hong Kong health authorities suspect Phuc Tue Tinh Xa pagoda, located on Hong Kong island, is the site of a chain of coronavirus infection in this special area.

Two new cases in Hong Kong, announced on February 25, have been linked to the location. The patients included a 55-year-old woman and a 24-year-old son. According to the Center for Preventive Medicine (CHP), the health of the two patients is in stable condition.

The woman lives in the North Point area of ​​Hong Kong Island. According to a CHP report, she went to Phuc Tue Tinh Xa pagoda in early February. Here, she met another woman, 57 years old, tested positive for corona virus on February 24.

A 55-year-old woman developed a cough on February 17, went to Ruttonjee Hospital and was admitted on February 26. The son lives with his mother. He tested positive for corona virus but showed no symptoms.

A temple in Hong Kong on January 26, to mark the second day of the Chinese New Year.

CHP epidemiological investigation results show that 7 people who have been to Phuc Tue Tinh Xa, from January 1-2, 2020, were positive for coronavirus.

Chuang Shuk-kwan, CHP’s Head of Infectious Diseases, informed the agency that it had collected 33 samples from items and surfaces that were frequently used in the temple such as elevators, stair handrails, chairs and souvenir cup. Specimens from Buddha statues and toilet faucets gave a positive result.

Of the 7 patients with ties to the temple, 6 were present at the site on February 8. The group took part in the chanting that lasted for hours in the same room, then ate at another room and did not wear masks. Ms. Chuang said other followers are at risk.

CHP said Phuc Tue Tinh Xa is temporarily closed for authorities to continue investigating. Ms. Chuang appealed to those who have been to the temple after January 25 and have developed corona-related symptoms to report to the authorities via the hotline.


Ms. Chuang said it would be difficult to track the infection. The temple is run by volunteers and has no membership registration system.

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