How to Get an Orgasm

Every woman is capable of experiencing an orgasm. But sometimes this needs to be specially learned – how, for example, to pronounce the sound “r”. We publish simple and actionable doctor’s recommendations on how to have an orgasm.

Orgasm not only provides emotional relaxation, but also maintains women’s health. “During arousal, blood rushes to the genitals. If there was no orgasm, she stagnates, which can become a background for the development of various disorders, – explains gynecologist Dmitry Lubnin, author of the book “An Honest Conversation with a Russian Gynecologist.” – How do you get an orgasm? Of course, the best way is to find a sexually literate man. But such, alas, are much less than women who want to experience pleasure from sex. ” Therefore, it is safer to help yourself. Below are some recommendations.

1. Immerse yourself in the sexual

The more you think about sex, the stronger your feelings become. Read erotic literature, watch movies, wear seductive underwear, use other revealing details in clothes (even if they are hidden from others, the main thing is that you know about them).

2. Treat your genitals as a source of pleasure

To accept this, study them carefully. As long as there is clamping, stiffness and tightness “between the legs”, sexual pleasure will be your infrequent guest.

3. Study yourself

Masturbate for a long time. For many women, this is the only way to develop sensuality in themselves and feel how they can get an orgasm not only on their own, but also during intercourse. The purpose of masturbation is not to get an orgasm quickly, but to learn to get fully aroused. It will be good to recreate the scenario of sexual intercourse using “adult toys”. Go through all the stages of arousal, feel how the entrance to the vagina narrows, how the sensitivity of the G point changes. Then, during intercourse with a partner, the body will remember the previously experienced sensations and reproduce the correct reactions. They will also appear faster.

4. Talk to your partner

Communicate three things to your partner.

  • First, you get aroused longer than him. Even if there is lubrication and the labia are swollen, this does not mean that you are truly aroused. That’s right, if the man does not insert the penis until you have a feeling that there should already be something in the vagina.
  • Second, ask him to explore your erogenous zones with you. It is better to do this with closed eyes (tactile sensitivity increases) and only when you are excited.
  • Third: tell him what words, actions, surroundings excite you, and what extinguishes desire. The ability to talk about what worries you, and to hear another can successfully solve the problem of anorgasmia. If confidential conversations do not help, then it is worth contacting a psychologist.

Emotional component

Before intimacy, a woman needs to allow herself to enjoy sex. So she will give instincts the opportunity to get out of the control of consciousness. In this case, all reactions of the body will work harmoniously and fully. And the process of arousal will not turn into a confrontation between the natural reactions of the body and mind. Achieve this by any means you can: champagne, music, candles, energizing underwear, new furnishings, and so on.

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