The First Coronavirus Spread in Europe, Croatia and Austria

Austria and Croatia confirmed the first cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of European countries to register virus infections to 11.

According to Reuters , the disease was spreading in Europe when Austria and Croatia on 25/2 confirmed the first cases of corona virus.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic confirmed that the southeastern country of Europe had recorded the first case of coronavirus infection as a patient being treated in the capital Zagreb.

“This is a young man with mild symptoms. He is in quarantine and is in good health now,” said Prime Minister Plenkovic.

Croatian Health Minister Vili Beros said the country’s citizens infected with the corona virus were present in the Italian city of Milan from February 19-21.

Austria and Croatia are the latest European countries to confirm the first cases of corona virus. 

Meanwhile, the first two cases of coronavirus infection in Austria were recorded in the state of Tyrol, located in the west, bordering the north of Italy. Two people infected with the virus, both at 24 years of age, reported to authorities after symptoms of a mild fever. The two are currently isolated in a hospital.

Austrian media quoted Guenther Platter, governor of the state of Tyrol, as the two Italian citizens currently living in Tyrol. Platter said the two were most likely infected by the virus when traveling to Italy’s Lombardy region earlier.

Also on February 25, Italian authorities said on Wednesday that the first cases of coronavirus were recorded in the Sicilian archipelago and the region of Tuscany, home to the famous tourist city of Florence.

To date, 11 countries in Europe have recorded cases of coronavirus with a total of 281 patients. Italy is currently the country with the highest number of corona virus infections in Europe with 229 cases, of which 7 patients have died, most of which have been detected in Lombardy and Veneto.

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